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From the Dark Tower

No description

Aurielle Ventura

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of From the Dark Tower

From the
Dark Tower By: Aurielle,Nhadia,Kevin,and Fjei EQ Would you work harder than
your boss for less money? Warm Up If you are a worker and your boss took advantage of you by giving you less money than you deserved, what would you do? Biography From the Dark Tower By: Countee Cullen TPCASTT 4 D's of Modernism Summary Analysis The poem "From the Dark Tower" is about african-americans not forever being used as or like slaves. Cullen is expressing that african-americans will not stay quite under oppression. They are getting taken advantage of by their bosses by not getting paid for the work they do. So they wait, until the day they cannot wait any longer. In the poem they haven't yet rose up against slavery or racism, but they are about to and are hiding their anger while they suffer. Title: Before my group read the poem we expected it to be dark and mysterious because of the title.
Personification- Line 9, It is saying how the nights relieves the stark which also means death.
Illusion- Line 10, This is referring to the beliefs of white supremacy in this time period.
Attitude: The author is speaking from the viewpoint of the workers.
Shift:There are no shifts in the tone of the speaker.
Title Revisited: After we read the poem we realized it was not about what we predicted. It is not mysterious or dark as we thought.
Theme: The theme of this text is that african americans are waiting for the day when are equal with the white population. Paraphrase We should not always work while the bosses get all the money,
Not always quite, hopeless and mute.
The lesser man should keep his money from the more powerful man.
Just because they act calm on the outside, it doesn't mean he is weaker.
We can't always do what the boss tells us to do; we were not made to work for them forever.
The night relieves them of their work.
Someone who either white or black can be just as beautiful as the other.
Things are just as beautiful even if they are not in the light or white.
Even the white men have flaws and fall.
The african-americans hide their pain and wait to be equal with the white population. Discontent: The authors discontent with his life would be that he is or is like a slave. He works harder than his bosses but does not get paid as much because he is african-american.
Disillusionment: He has the realization that people will think better of white men just because of the color of his skin.
"White stars is no less lovely being dark, and there are buds that cannot bloom at all."
Defiance: Cullen is saying how one day the african-americans will be equal with the white people, which could be considered a form of defiance.
"So in the dark we hide the heart that bleeds,And wait, and tend our agonizing seeds."
Decay: In the poem it talks about how the white men are starting to fall and the black population is try Ticket Out the Door Write a 3-5 sentence paragraph telling what you would do if you were treated unequally. Countee Cullen born March, 30 1930 was a poet, novelist, children's writer, and playwrite in the 1960 time period. He was adopted but not legally settled. His foster father was a very effeminate man. Cullen married but divorced because of his attraction to men. Countee's transcripts said that he was born in Louisville, Kentucky, but he eventually learned that his birthplace was in New York City. When his mother and grandmother died he took his church pastor as his official parent. His main interest was writing poetry. Cullen graduated from New York University then went on to Harvard University. His most famous book were Copper Sun, A Dark Tower, and American Mercury. In every school Cullen attended he was very successful. When he wrote romantic poetry he was admired highly. Cullen experienced racism in the early 1900's, but instead of effecting him poorly he decided to work even harder to prove that he wasn't what every expected him to be. Being african-american and being attracted to men in this time period was the traits that made his life the most difficult.
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