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Our Presentation

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kasidee heibert

on 9 December 2013

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Our presentation
Mediterranean (dry and wet)
longitude and latitude and
continent and page #
48.4000° N, 120.3000° W
Our culture is expressed through a wide variety of art, festivals, and events.
This location has a temperate climate with mild, rainy winters and cool, dry and sunny summers.
During the winter, the average daily high and low temperatures are 8 and 4 °C The summer months are also relatively mild, with an average high temperature of 20 °C and low of 11 °C .
North America
page 56
This is empress hotel!
The attractions
Beacon Hill Park is the central
city's main urban green space.
In the heart of downtown are the British Columbia Parliament Buildings, The Empress Hotel, , the gothic Christ Church Cathedral, and the Royal British Columbia Museum/IMAX National Geographic Theater.
Being that Victoria is a city there are not too many natural resources within the city limits unless you classify tourism as a natural resource. Naturally, in the surrounding area there is logging, fishing, some limited mining but the true natural resource for Victoria is the tourist industry as well as being the seat of government for the Province of british Columbia.
Natural Resources
our culture is expressed through a wide verity of art, festivals and events.
water formations
people love the orca`s
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