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The Cross

What Happens When Its Taken Outside The Church

Chris Hudgens

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of The Cross

THE ASSIGNMENT: breaK A norM STAND OUT be different dO thingS A littlE biT differenT So what would it look like today?
Can anybody really break a norm? And if they can break it, how long can they keep it up? Will they do it for a day? a week? a month? What if they break a norm almost everyday for over year? Will it still be awkward. disturbing,
or "different"? MY MISSION: to take up a wooden cross 5 feet long and carry it around But not just anywhere right outside of a public high school IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY! EVERYDAY! You see, this isn't suh a simple task not only does this break a norm in
society in general it's just as weird in
the church not too many christians go around with 5 ft crosses so here's what i did

I carried a cross Sometimes it was sunny sometimes it was raining somtimes it was windy

and cold sometimes there was lightning and sometimes there was snow! but i wasnt always alone So what "unwritten" rules did i break? where to start? Religion at school
Walking around with a 5 ft cross
Waving at people who flip you off Thats just norms in society.

what about church norms? I hope this next part doesnt
offend any chirstians some "christian/church" norms
that i broke: actually being a christian outside of church
taking up a cross daily like Jesus said (Matt 16:24)
doing something without consulting the "elders" and my personal favorite never once did i ask anyone to become a christian while holding the cross, or give that terrible and stupid "heaven or hell" speech So how did i feel with a cross in my hands
and 600 eyes staring at me?

oh ya, and those middle fingers too I'll be honest with you Sometimes it was easy, and i was excited to do it Sometimes it was hard, and honestly,
i felt a little ashamed, and embarassed I didn't want to be out there, with some cross in front of everybody What would they say?
what would they think? But i pressed on, and ran the race
set before me i did everything that i could to stand and when i couldnt stand the cold or the rain anymore, i stood even firmer! There were a few times, when i couldn't hold the cross. usually someone else would be able to hold it. whenever i got to drive by and see them,
i thought it was pretty cool and they waved at me, so it gave me a reason to
smile and wave back so there's a couple of things that could've gone legally wrong "techniquely" we're trespassing on private property
cops could've been calld out
and i guess somebody could've done a drive by and shot us... cuz you no, we b in da hood so what was my goal in doing this project? to tell people about Jesus without ever opening my mouth Here's what some other people thought about it oh chris, you know me :) you guys make me smile everytime I leave school. it's not only a fabulous way to end such a busy day, but also a quick reminder of all the blessings we have. My thoughts- okay, this is one of those "the world's gonna end soon" people, maybe if I stay away he wont hit me with his giant cross. i think it is encouraging to know that there are people at our school who is brave enough to make the stand for God and it gives non-christians someone they know wont judge them and can talk to Chris You are on my hero list. A man with conviction is hard enough to find. A young man with conviction, that is ready to stand up for his beliefs regardless of the cost is an encouragement to us all. Honestly, there have been several occasions where I drew on your strength and conviction to help me get out of my comfort zone….and you play the drums! Although your intentions are good, that might not be the best way to reach the lost. Especially teenagers. If I were a non-believer, seeing two people holding would just weird me out. Also, it can be a slippery slope in terms of self glorification. I tried finding some poeple who just completely
hate it, so that i could quote there thoughts
... but i couldn't find anyone. I'm sure some people dont like the whole cross thing,
but no one's said anything to me about it. well i think it takes a devoted strong Christian man to know that what he's doing will be viewed as crazy by most
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