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Gold Award 101

An introdution to the Girl Scout Gold Award.

Eliza Zimmerman

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Gold Award 101

The Girl Scout Gold Award
An introduction
What is the Girl Scout Gold Award?
It is the highest award in Girl Scouting!
Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors can earn it.
The prerequisite to earning the Gold Award is:
Either two Senior/Ambassador Journeys OR...
One Senior/Ambassador Journey and the Silver Award.
After doing the prerequisites a girl must commit to the Girl Scout Gold Award Standards of Excellence.
Only 5.6% of eligible girls earn this award.
This award represents a commitment to leadership, learning and making the world a better place.
Earning the Gold Award is divided into two parts:
Doing the prerequisite and...
Committing to the Standards of Excellence.
The Standards of Excellence include seven steps to completing the Gold Award.
The seven steps include:
1. Choose an issue
2. Investigate
3. Get Help
4. Create a Plan.
5. Present your Plan and
Get Feedback
6. Take Action
7. Educate and Inspire
Throughout the seven steps you will...
Get to know your neighborhood, town or city through research and networking.
Choose an issue you are passionate about and want to make better in your community.
Create a detailed action plan.
Present your plan to the Gold Award Committee for feedback.
Put your plan into action.
Then reflect on your lessons learned and share your project.
You will also be invited to celebrate at the Annual Badgerland Council
Girl Scout Awards Ceremony.
Throughout the Gold Award Process you will have the advice and help of the Gold Award Committee.
They are a group of Girl Scout volunteers dedicated to helping you make your project a successful one.
The committee will review your project, give advice and counsel you while you put your plan into action.
It can earn you college scholarships, advance placement in the military, and recognition for the leadership qualities that this award represents.
How do I learn more about the Gold Award?
Check your most recent issue of the Badgerland Council PathFinder for a listing of upcoming Gold Award Training workshops.
The Gold Award Training is MANDATORY for all girls that pursue the Gold Award.
It is a workshop meant to fully prepare each girl for all seven steps of the Gold Award Standards of Excellence.
The classes are taught by members of the Gold Award Committee.
And is a great place to begin getting questions answered and advice on your project ideas.
And must be done before you submit your project for approval to the committee.
So, choose a Journey and get to work on the prerequisite.
Then we'll see you at a Gold Award Training.
If you have any other questions you may also contact:
Eliza Zimmerman
Program Specialist - Girl Leadership
800-236-2710 x 3030

Please fill out the online form at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/6HKKM7C
to get credit for this training and also to give us feedback.

Thank You!
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