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Wednesday Wars Photo Essay

No description

Eric Gangwish

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Wednesday Wars Photo Essay

Mrs. Baker
Mrs. Baker at the beginning of the story is the antagonist to the main character Holling Hoodhood, but soon we learn that she really cares for him and doesn't really hate him at all. We are now going to evaluate that journey.
The Beginning
Soon, we learn that Mrs. Baker's husband, Lieutenant Tybalt Baker is being deployed to Vietnam. This is a bit of insight into Mrs. Baker's personal life. Though not directly stated, this is obvious that Mrs. Baker feels badly about her husband going to Vietnam as we see she ends up showing more of these emotions later on in the story line.
Finally, at the end of the story we see that Mrs. Baker is not a heartless hater but someone who would hate to lose the people she loves as we see when Lieutenant Baker is found and returns home. During this the shows a display of several emotions before and after he returns, most consist of happiness and joy.
During the camp-out at the end of the year, Mrs. Baker and Holling develop a closer relationship as friends. By this time it is obvious that Mrs. Baker cares deeply for Holling as if he were one of here own children and she really acts more like a parents to him than either of his actual parents. We see more of this during the camp-out as they are in a tight situation several times and Mrs. Baker really steps up and takes control of the situation and protects Holling and his friends.while also giving them advice on how to do things.
Wednesday Wars Photo Essay :
Mrs. Baker

At the beginning Holling is led to believe that Mrs. Baker hates him due to the fact that he is the only Presbyterian in his class and has to spend Wednesday afternoons with her because everyone else is at religious schools. Really Mrs. Baker doesn't like him too much (As i am led to believe) but is starting to develop a relationship with him not only as a teacher but a s a friend.
While Holling is practicing for track tryouts, Mrs. Baker reveals that she is a silver medalist in track during the Olympics. This puts a new light on Mrs. Baker, that she wasn't always just a teacher; before she started teaching she actually had an extremely exciting life during her racing career.
Prezi made by: Eric Gangwish
Well, now that our investigation is over.....
Do you leik mah punz?
Seriously Though.....
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