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“Solutions that suit”

No description

Nehad Mohamed's Mum

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of “Solutions that suit”

Expectations for the Future
VC communication technologies to be improved.
Increasingly natural and intuitive to a wider range of users.
VC will allow the creation of virtual cities.
People work together without the constraint of geographic proximity.
It is hoped that this might decrease urban congestion.
VC avoid workers to commuting to work.

Polycom Video Solutions 1
1- RealPresence Immersive

Eye to eye across a virtual desk with remote participants.
Seeing in life-size HD video and hearing HD audio.
Feeling just like you're in the same room.
That's the Polycom immersive experience.

Product List #

Real-Presence Experience (RPX)
Open Telepresence Experience (OTX)
Architected Telepresence Experience (ATX)

Companies start dabbling since TV invention.
Was mostly impractical or limited in use.
Videophones, became available in the 1970s.
1990s home users could make Video calls.
Internet Broadband and VC.
Video calls through Webcam and programs.

This technology is especially in business field
Allows meetings to be held without travel
VC saves time and money.
VC useful for academics and medicine.
VC connect people anywhere anytime.
VC connect people on difficult places

What is Video Conference?
Video conferencing is a communications technology
VC integrate video, audio to connect users
VC require some requirements to established
Computer, camera, microphone, screen and sound system.
Connection to the communications system required
participants can see and hear each other in real time

“Solutions that suit”
Polycom Video Solutions 2
2- RealPresence Room
VC options that suit meeting rooms.
Pre-packaged or custom-designed solutions.
Cutting-edge technology from Polycom.
Product List #
RealPresence Group Series
HDX Series
QDX 6000

Polycom Video Solutions 3

3-RealPresence Desktop
Polycom Real-Presence Desktop Solutions.
HD video collaboration experiences on your PC.
Executive desktop, branch office, or video kiosk
Product List #
HDX 4000 Series RealPresence Desktop for Windows
CMA Desktop Telepresence m100
VVX Business Media Phones.
Real-Presence Visual Edge

Polycom Video Solutions 4
4-RealPresence Mobile

Wherever you are, you need to meet with customers.
Communicate with partners, patients, students through RPM…
Polycom RPM transforms tablet ,smartphone to mobile VC tool.

Product List #
RealPresence Mobile for Apple iOS
RealPresence Mobile for Android

Polycom Video Solutions 5
5-RealPresence Social

Integration of HD video and social platforms
IBM Same-time, Microsoft SharePoint.
Polycom Cloud-Axis.
Polycom Real-presence One.

Accessories 1
Touch Control
Eagle-Eye Director
Polycom Eagle-Eye Acoustic
Eagle-Eye View Camera
Eagle-Eye HD Camera
Real-Presence UC Board

Accessories 2
1- Polycom Microphone Array
2- Ceiling Microphone Array
3- Stereo Speaker Kit
4- HDX Network Modules
5- HDX MPPlus Multipoint Software
6- People + Content IP

Polycom Video Conference Infrastructure solutions
1- Polycom Converged Management Application (CMA)
2- Polycom Distributed Media Application (DMA)
3- Polycom Collaboration Server (RMX)
4- Polycom Capture Server
5-Polycom Access Director
6- Polycom Resource Manager
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