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ISU The First Stone book slideshow.

No description

Summer Conway

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of ISU The First Stone book slideshow.

By: Don Aker The First Stone 1: Reef 3: Reef Summary Of The First Stone In chapter 28 on page 284 Reed says " There were times when it seemed like the events of that day on the overpass had happend to someone else, another Reef Kennedy who thought life could be summed up in stupid lessons like " Shit Happens", but shit doesn't happen. Shit gets made". So he now understands that it was his fault and stuff doesn't just happen, you make it happen. He also notices the change in himself. 2: Reef In chapter 9 page 107, Reef gets brought into North Hills, the behaviour centre, and gets introduced to a boy named Alex, who is gay. On page 107 Reef refers to him as a " F****** Fairy" . So he was kind of judging Alex on his sexuality, but later on in the book Reef puts there differences aside and they become good friends. They became good friends before Reef met Leeza, so this also shows that Reef changed a bit even before he met Leeza. In chapter 11 page 119 Reef made another gay remark towards Alex by saying that he'd put Alex in his place once he got the lay of the land. He also said, " Alex, along with anyone else who thought they could say what that wanted too to Reef Kennedy without paying the price." But he really softened up to the others later on and even went to those talking sessions with the others later on in the book. The First Stone is about a boy named Reef and a girl named Leeza. Reef is emotionally unstable since the loss of his grandmother who was the only one who really loved him. During this time, Leeza is also devastated over the death of her sister Ellen. An unpleasant surprise kind of throws them together. Reed threw a rock off of an overpass and hit Leeza's windshield, causing her to be hospitalized with chronic injuries. His punishment from the judge, was going to a behavior centre called North Hills until he got his act together. He also had to volunteer. Colville sends him to a hospital to volunteer. He meets Leeza but has no idea she was the one whom he injured. She also has no clue. When Leeza's mom finds out that they've become fond of eachother she sends him away. Throughout the book Reef grows into a mature teenager and learns that he can grow to be a better person even without Leeza. 4: Leeza Leeza also changed in the book too. At first when she gets hospitalized she feels hopeless and like she wont ever recover. When she meets Reef she is instantly put in a better mood and starts to have hope in recovering. In chapter 19 on page 218, she tells her mother to not visit her so much and spend time with her husband and do her work for her job because her mother needs her life back. Leeza says "You need your life back, and so do I." So now she wants to start recovering and is making the best of her situation. So this shows that Leeza is also changing for the better. 5: Reef In chapter 20 page 220, Reef goes back to the hospital to help out even though he wasn't scheduled to help out that day. So he discovers that he likes helping people. He says " I couldn't think of an excuse to tell Colville for returning today when I wasn't scheduled too." 6: Reef Reef's expectations changed in a sense towards girls. In chapter 20 on page 220, Reef couldn't stop thinking about Leeza. He said " I had never felt like this before, there had always been plenty of girls over the years who skipped classes with him, smoked, and drank, or did whatever drugs were available for the taking." So he's getting kind of sick of the girls who don't really care and as Reef put it " Girls who liked the rush of breaking the rules." This changed when he met Leeza. Theme People can change and learn from their mistakes.
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