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Social Innovation, Collective Entrepreneurship and Coops

CASC / ANSER Presentation, Congress 2011

Stephanie Guico

on 6 August 2011

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Transcript of Social Innovation, Collective Entrepreneurship and Coops

Social + Innovation Collective + Entrepreneurship Cooperatives Coop Index Social Innovation + Collective Entrepreneurship = Cooperatives Innovation is generally understood as a business practice relevant to periods of change and growth within an organization Innovation becomes social when systems of firms organize themselves and carry out the production and integration of new knowledge in a collective manner or when it becomes a social activity, structured at a systemic level rather than by individual actors.

Innovation as a social system has to integrate and motivate actors who have to turn
the innovation system into premises of their own action The vocation of someone who undertakes, as in a project or activity Entrepreneurship as a group endeavour,
rather than a solitary undertaking. An autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise A group of people coming together to create a solution to a collective need Participatory entrepreneurial environments which result in a higher opportunity for positive feedback loops between various employee and stakeholder groups where cooperative development, growth and innovation are concerned Innovation thus become an organic process dictated by the concerns and observations of the membership, rather than a top-down process put into motion in times of disproportionate growth or change within the organization. Coops inspire participation, ownership, collective action around entrepreneurship and innovation... Human element ... results in constraints and barriers to fulfilling ideals Based upon the assumption that people have genuine desire to meet their stated values within their personal and organizational situation, the Worker Co-op Index diagnostic tool was one response to this need and challenge. 12 principles 10 values 4 indices 30 organisational dimensions (in 4 categories) 168-question survey The diagnostic is thus a snapshot of the cooperative
at a given point in time, providing it with an
indication of its stronger and weaker points, as well
as a roadmap they can navigate with a coop
It can be used in an iterative manner, as it will track the progression of a given cooperative through time based on its current environment.
It can help a cooperative attain the ideals it aspires to
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