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Something Borrowed

No description

Anna Banana

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed By Emily Giffin Prezi Made By Anna Banaski Darcy is a party animal , she is also outgoing, fun, energetic, and definitely creative.

Darcy and Rachel grew up together. Rachel was always a little jealous of Darcy because Darcy always was better at everything. Darcy Rachel is sometimes fun, she is really smart, loving, not so much a party animal, and she is definitely a little crazy.

Rachel and Darcy are best friends. They would hang out everyday when they were little and they still do . Rachel Dex has a very good sense of humor. He is just like Rachel , but yet he ends up marrying Darcy.

Rachel and Dex went to college together. They would study together and they both liked each other, but they never ended up getting together. Dex Ethan is very caring. He always looks out for Rachel. He is very funny, has the best sense of humor, and is really sarcastic.

Ethan and Rachel are best friends. They do a lot of stuff together. They also tell each other everything. Ethan Darcy is now engaged to Dex and the wedding is coming up soon. Rachel and Dex both kind of like each other and they told each other that when they both got drunk at a bar. Darcy doesn't know that Rachel and Dex like each other. Nobody knows that they like each other. Rising Action Main characters and setting Exposition This all took place in New York. They were in apartments, beach houses, bars, clubs,and parks. All the conflicts happen in these places, all the miracles, lonely moments, joy, and fun times happened in all these place. Setting Rachel and Dex got drunk together and they told each they that they loved each other. After they did this they went back to Rachel's apartment and they slept together. So basically what just happened is that Dex cheated on Darcy with Rachel.

Then Dex stood Rachel up when she asked him to call off the wedding because he shouldn't have done that with her. So she ran off in the rain but she realized that it wasn't right so she came back. A couple day later it was the wedding and Dex called Rachel and told her " I called off the wedding". Climax Darcy just found out about Dex sleeping with Rachel. Darcy is furious and swore she would never talk to Rachel again. Darcy was also furious that Dex got drunk with Rachel and slept with her too. Darcy would then just hang out with family and tried to make new friends like Claire. Falling Action One day when Darcy was walking home and Rachel was walking home they ran into each other. They said hi and they talked about how their lives were going. They then decided that they would get together to have lunch sometime. Then Rachel announced to Darcy that she had gotten married to Dex. Then they said goodbye and went off with their lives. Resolution Two friends Rachel and Darcy both like a guy named Dex. Darcy is engaged to Dex now, and Rachel is mad. one day Dex and Rachel got dunk and slept with each other. Darcy didn't know until Rachel convinced Dex to cal off his wedding. A couple of years later Rachel and Dex ended up gettng married. Then one day Rachel and Darcy ran into each other and talked then they agreed to have dinner with each other soon. Summary The protagonist is Rachel. Who is the main character and has a conflict with Darcy. Literary Elements The antagonist is Darcy. Darcy is trying to be better at everything and take away what she knows that Rachel wants. THANKS FOR YOUR
WATCHING!!!! Theme The theme for Something Borrowed is that you have to forgive and forget.
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