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2.05 Process of Selection

No description

bree efre

on 5 January 2016

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Transcript of 2.05 Process of Selection

2.05 Process of Selection
By Brianna Efre
Basic Information
Title of Landmark case
:Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier, 1988
: Hazelwood School District
: Kuhlmeier
Date case argued and decided
Oct 13, 1987-Jan 13, 1988
Judgment Affirmed or Reversed
: Reversed

Case Evaluation
Issue/charges being discussed:
A public school had removed two articles out of the school newspaper. Since he felt that their were inappropriate for his school, the aritcles contained information about teen pregnancy and divorce.
Student Cathy Kuhlmeier and two other former Hazelwood East students brought the case to court.
Evidence presented during the arguments:
The evidence that was presented during that case was the newspaper. That the students printed out for the school , this evidence is exact proof of what was written word by word. This newspaper will help the judge determine who will be ruled.
Conclusions of the judge/judges:
This turned into a 5 to 3 decision that ruled in the schools favor, the court believed that the First Amendment didn't include or require schools affirmatively promote certain types of student speeches. The court reversed the "appellate court" and stated that public schools doesn't have to student speech if its not consistent with the "schools' educational mission". Even the the Government doesn't have the right to censor this certain type of speech, the public schools in this case have the right of authority to do so.
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