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SLAM! Poetry.

A brief overview of slam poetry.

Aubrianne LaDuke

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of SLAM! Poetry.

"The points are not the point, the point is poetry." - Allan Wolf SLAM! Poetry by aundria martinez
& aubrianne laduke where did it come from? Marc Smith
1986, Green Mill Bar
Tired of readings where it was

"mostly of poets reading to poets...If you ever wanted to read your poetry anywhere, almost always, an academic set it up." In the summer of 1986... Since then:
Gained a loyal following beyond Chicago
First National Poetry Slam (NPS), 1990
Also... what makes slam poetry so different Audience participation
The atmosphere
Unconventional venues
Open-door policy founded on the tenets that: audience does not have to listen to poet
poet should COMPEL audience to listen to them
anyone may judge a competition
the competition should be open to all people & all forms of poetry the rules 1. 3 minutes in length or less
2. No props or costumes
3. Who-wrote-the-poem rule slam as a genre Orality
Emphasizes role of author Effects of Composition &
Performance 1. Aims
2. How it is judged
3. Authorship
4. Ideals examples works cited Glazner, Gary Mex. Poetry Slam: the Competitive Art of
Performance Poetry. San Francisco: Manic D, 2000. Print.

Somers-Willett, Susan B. A. The Cultural Politics of Slam Poetry:
Race, Identity, and the Performance of Popular Verse in
America. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan, 2009. Print.

"A Brief Guide to Slam Poetry." Poets.org. Web. 24 Mar. 2011. <http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/5672>.
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