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Glo-Bus Prezi

Mgmt Crapstone

Jonathan Armstead

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Glo-Bus Prezi

Buena Vista Photo Club: GLO-BUS Presentation Jonathan Armstead Lindsey Kearns Joe Lewis Margaux Price Annual Total Revenues Annual Earnings Per Share Annual Return on Equity Investment Annual Credit Rating Year-End Stock Price Annual Image Rating Strategic Vision Performance Targets Entry-Level Competitive Strategy Multi-Feature Competitive Strategy Production Strategy Finance Strategy Competition in Entry-Level Segment Competition in Multi-Featured Segment Actions to Take Lessons Learned Importance of paying off debt early in the simulation
Use of stock issues to increase cash on hand
Sustained low debt and high cash balance used to keep credit rating high
We unintentionally let our dividends get away from us while we were focusing on other areas such as increasing production, keeping debt low, and meeting various other benchmarks.

We were well on our way to achieving our performance benchmarks but felt that our strategy was unsustainable, so we switched directions in an effort to better meet our competitors head-on. This ended up having a negative impact on our overall performance and we were unable to reverse the effects in the short time remaining in the simulation.
EPS Target for year 13 based on current situation: $3.42 (Investor Expectation)
EPS Target for year 14 based on current situation: $4.50

ROE Target for year 13 based on current situation: 15% (Investor Expectation)
ROE Target for year 14 based on current situation: 21%

Credit Rating Target for years 13 and 14: A+

Image Rating Target for year 13: 70 (Investor Expectation)
Image Rating Target for year 14: 72

Stock Price Target for year 13: $65
Stock Price Target for year 14: $73
Overtime is only used if there are fewer than 5 items to be produced

Outsourcing is never used

Workforce compensation is above the industry average to encourage productivity ARamRod Camera (2nd)
C Photo All Stars (4th)

Due to being the closest to Team B relating to the last two years up to the current. We are in competition with these two companies due to the entry level market being relatively flat, and buyers do not have a specific choice of brand, but want the best product for the money. Also, we focused on the companies that we have been in competition with over the years, but also must focus on the relative future of the industry. We see ARamRod a main competitor for years to come. Digi Pro (1st)
ARod Camera (2nd)
C Photo All Stars

Buyers that are looking for multi featured cameras have brand specifications in mind. We need to focus on the top end of the industry and rival with them in order to keep brand loyalty high. We mush emphasize that we were the top of the industry through year ten, and over the last years we have been decreasing. We have loyal customers that like our companies product, and we must focus on the competition that has come up to the top. The focus on the higher competition will allow us to reach the top of the industry in the near future. We must learn from our mistakes, and learn from our competitors.

Product Design
Corporate Citizenship

We must keep our warranty strong, which will help us with consumer loyalty and branding.

We also must focus our marketing on Europe and Africa, considering that those were are strongest demographical areas. As well as Asia Specific.

Product innovations is key in our industry. Being able to either keep up or be the leader in industry trends is critical in our industry. We feel that our re-occurring R&D investments will help us be a leader in the industry within the next two years.

Corporate Citizenship is also becoming more and more relevant as time progresses. We feel that Team B needs to be a company that gives back to the community. This will help the communities that provide us business, as well as create a movement to help Corporate ethics in the coming years. We feel very strongly about this at Team B. Keep costs down

Adapted to market conditions

Tried to reach larger market Keep costs down while maintaining quality

Adapted to market conditions

Seeking to find niche within affluent market Focus on full spectrum of business activities

Develop more proactive strategy in lieu of a reactive strategy

Long term and short term outlook are equally as important

Build infrastructure of success
Our company goal is to achieve the majority market share within the next three years through increased marketing, research and development, and investment in our employees. This will allow our company to increase revenue and profit by becoming recognized as the industry leader in low-cost, high-quality digital cameras. We won't be making any dividend increases in an effort to curb spending in that area.
We need to cut back on our dividend expenses in order to get the company back on track. Questions? Comments?
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