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American Art from the Early 1800s

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on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of American Art from the Early 1800s

Folk Art
Made by ordinary people.
Simple, direct, and often very colorful.
Men carved weather vanes and hunting decoys.
Woman made quilts.
Signs, murals, and images of national symbols like the American flag are examples of folk art from this time.
There were also portraits for everyday people.
The portraits from this time were realistic.
They tried to show the personal features and characteristics of the person.
Most of the portraits were made for the wealthy and political leaders.
It was often a symbol of the status in their community.
the portraits were 2D but the paintings so realistic that sometimes they seemed 3D.
Extra info.
London influenced the types of art in America, because more the 70% of the colonists were British.
Some american artists went to Europe for training.
American Art from the Early 1800s
American Art from the 1800's
Hudson River School of Painting was a school based on landscapes.
The landscapes captured the beautiful broad stretches of land.
Landscapes were also drawings of the native people.
By: Lauren Evans
Examples of Folk Art
This is an example of one of the hunting decoys one of the men would have carved.
This is an image of an American flag from the early 1800s.
This is an example of one of the portraits.
How Art Originated in the U.S.
colonial art was used to record events and experiences.
Realistic portraits and landscape paintings were most popular.
Most furniture and fabric or clothing were made in the America Colonies, since it was too difficult to transport from Europe.
The Hudson River School of Painting
This school was started by some artists from New York.
they were influenced by a landscape artist name Thomas Cole.
He was known as "the father" or "the founder " of the school even though he never really played a role in the organization of the school.
Cole did teach Fredrick Edwin Church, who was one of the most successful artists from the school.
This is a painting by Thomas Cole called View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm.
Thomas Cole
He was a very well known landscape artist that lived from 1801 to 1848.
He is often known as "the father" of The Hudson River School of Painting.
works cited
History Alive textbook.
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