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Non count nouns that represent abstract ideas

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on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Non count nouns that represent abstract ideas

Non count nouns that represent abstract ideas
Education is an important issue
education is an important issue

is an important issue
The news * about politics is always interesting
NOT: The news about
the politics
is always interesting

NOT: The news about the politics
always interesting

* The word news is always singular. When it refers to a report in the press, on radio, TV, or the internet, it is commonly referred to as the news
Grammar practice:
complete each statement by choosing the correct form of the nouns and verb
Our (advice / advices) to you (is / are) to avoid discussing politics.
(Poverty / The poverty) (was / were) the topics of the international conference.
The candidates have programs for (the health / health) and (educations / educations)
Making (peace / the peaces) takes a lot of (work / works) and a long time
Good news (is / are) hard to find in the newspaper these days
Correct the errors
Here's some political informations about the election. the good new are that both candidates have programs for the education. the liberal candidates, Bill Slate, says financial helps for the schools in poor areas don´t have success. Joanna Clark, the consevative candidate, disagrees. She believes a progress has been made by investing in the teacher education. Her advice are to keep the old policy . "Creating better schools takes the time and a patience," she says.
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