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Copy of Emirates Marketing Strategy Presentation

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ali tabatabaei

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Emirates Marketing Strategy Presentation

(7Ps) PRICE PLACE PROMOTION PRODUCT THE GLOBAL AIRLINE INDUSTRY company offerings First Class Business Class Economy Class: In-flight entertainment system-ICE Achievements POEPLE PROCESS PHYSICAL EVIDENCE SWOT Analysis Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat •Emirates is continuously innovative

•Advance in technology

•Strong financial capabilities: The airline is making a profit

•Partnership With Qantas: This will help Emirates to attract more Australian customers

•Well recognized Brand. It is currently number three on the top airline brands

•High customer satisfaction•Economy class: it is one the best Economy class Emirates has low revenue From Americas, Middle East, and Africa

There are some negative reporting in electronic media regarding inconsistent service quality of Emirates Airlines.

Global economic crisis of 2008 had strong negative effect in every industry. 1- City Expansion
The ever changing, ever expanding Dubai city provides opportunity for unlimited expansion of the airline industry. The scope for passenger, cargo and travel and hospitality industries are ever increasing.

2- Tourism Development
Development of UAE as a tourist destination opens up new business opportunities. Duabi was the only Emirate in UAE seriously developed any international business. The situation has changed now.Abu Dhabithe capital city is expanding rapidly. This opens up new opportunities for the cooperation and expansion.

3- Liberalization :
Economic liberalization in is taking place in UAE much faster in recent years.Dubaistarted the trend by opening up the real estate sector. This has gradually spread to other Emirates as well. The growth in any part of the region is a growth opportunity for an airline business. 1- Domestic Competition:
Increasing competition in the domestic market threatens the business base of Emirates Airlines.Abu Dhabi based Etihad airline is expanding rapidly. It is the most serious threat to future expansion of Emirates Airlines. Etihad maintains good quality and offers competitive price to customers.

2-Budget Airlines :
Budget airlines threaten the business of quality airlines. Due to economic situation people are more price conscious. People are gradually shifting from standard airlines to budget airlines. Sharjah based Arabian Airlines, for example, charges less than half of Emirates’ rate. Other regional airlines are also expanding and fighting for greater market share. There could be problems in getting traffic rights in several countries due to competition between UAE based airlines. Goals and Objectives •Emirates is the First to put in a personal video in all three classes

•Emirates is the First to present Private Suites in its fleet

•Emirates is the First to order the Airbus A380

•Emirates is the First to have on-board showers

•Emirates has the largest order of A380s, A350s and B777-300s

•Emirates is the First airline with 1,000+ channels on demand

•Emirates is the fastest growing intercontinental airline of its size FOOD Exclusive travel extra for children FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS (Singapore Airlines,2012) Emirates 2012) ( (Emirates 2012) Majid Mokhtarisani

Sina Moghadas Khorasani
GS32269 Ali Tabatabaei

Ezejiegu kevin kanayo
Emirates Airline Today
Objectives And Goals
Company Offerings
Competitor appraisal
SWOT Analysis
Marketing Mix(7P's)
Financial Highlights
Outline We have been able to show a strong positive culture in terms of cultural differences

Management promote the sharing of a common goals among employees

Enhance quality
Customer satisfaction
Minimize total cost 11 travel shop branches in UAE and more than 122 branches in all around the words
Online website, presented in nine languages
In our website
Book flights
Booking hotel
Latest offers Inflight advertising: There are two inflight magazines
and inflight TV advertising

Sale promotion
privilege card which increase brand loyalty
Skyward members in our website High quality
Latest technologies and services
show the BBC world news
Ability to send and receive SMS message or email
Provide TVs in all classes for every one of passengers
high standard safety and security flights OFFER THE Using premium pricing strategy
Higher price among other competitors
luxurious excellent and higher service quality
Serve people from medium to high income level
Serve three classes
seasonal pricing discount
all children under three are free Special Services for First and Business class lounges
Baggage services
Assisting disabled passengers
Unaccompanied minors
Customer Relations, starts from check in at airport Emirates wants to make a different by focusing on
use fewer resources
creating less waste and pollution
We win for
Our business 2000 airlines 23,000 aircraft
3700 airports
28 million scheduled flight each year
2 billion passengers each year
growth of world air travel 5% per year HISTORY Te beginning of the emirates airlines was on 25th october 1985.
Boeing 737
Airbus 300 B4
After 9 month emirates:
260,000 passengers
10,000 tons of freight
By 1993, emirates revenue $500 million EMIRATES TODAY 190 aircraft 120 destinations 70 countries
Over 1,200 Emirates flights
50000 employees
In the financial year 2011/2012, Emirates carried 34 million passengers and 1.8 million tonnes of cargo EMIRATES MESSAGE In the air and on the ground, the Emirates Group is committed to acting sustainably in the interests of our customers, our business, the natural environment and the over 120 destinations we serve worldwide.
The Group has much to be proud of environmentally, including our award-winning Wolgan Valley conservation resort, our large industrial and office recycling efforts, and most importantly, our young and advanced aircraft fleet. Specificly young aircraft with An average fuel burn of 4.12 liters for every 100 passenger kilometers. Also with our new aircraft such as new A380s and Boeing 777 try to reduce fuel consumption in order to have a green environment Position Emirates as a global airline and the carrier of choice to the Gulf and the Middle East and points beyond
Promote Dubai as one of the most modern, progressive, safe and technologically advanced commercial centers in the Middle East
Showcase the airline’s outstanding and award-winning service levels, in-flight experiences, profitability, fleet, safety record and global reputation
Focus on the airline’s highly professional and seasoned senior management to create a leadership position in the aviation industry
Become the number one airline brand in the world by 2017.
Increase the number of flights from Australia to east Europe and Brazil by 2013-2014 COMPETITOR APPRAISAL Founded: 2003
Based out of : Sharjah International Airport, UAE

Target Users: Price sensitive fliers ; lower and lower middle class fliers seeking basic travel needs with no fringe benefits.

Marketing Strategy : Sales promotion using differential pricing. Focus on low pricing. No mega marketing campaign.

Vs Emirates : Tough to identify unique advantage over Emirates except for popularity among low income fliers. Founded: 2003
Based out of : Abu Dhabi International Airport, UAE

Target Users: Value seeking fliers; Not very price sensitive. Upper middle and Upper Upper class fliers seeking comfort and flying experience. Business executives and professionals

Marketing Strategy : Tie ups with organizations like Formula 1 and Manchester City Football Club. Undertakes global marketing campaigns.

Vs Emirates : Rated above Emirates in several parameters including "Global Airline of the Year", Best Cabin, Best Lounge, Best on-board catering.Globally Ranked 6th Best Airline in 2012. Founded: 1950
Based out of : Bahrain International Airport, Muharraq, Bahrain

Target Users : Price sensitive fliers ; Upper middle class. Business executives and professionals. Also popular among labor class flying into Bahrain.

Marketing Strategy : Tie up with Formula 1 for Bahrain Grand Prix. Event sponsorship and outdoor media.

Vs Emirates : Tough to identify unique advantage over Emirates except for connectivity to Bahrain for both professional and labor class. Founded: 1993
Based out of : Doha International Airport, Qatar

Target Users : Upper Middles and above. Business and Economy

Marketing Strategy : Tie ups with FC Barcelona Football Club. E-commerce is widely used. CSR is very strong. Using fuel derived from natural gas.

Vs Emirates : Ranked No. 1 Airline in the world in 2012. Founded: 1974
Based out of : London Heathrow Airport, UK

Target Users : Not price sensitive fliers ; Upper middle class seeking comfort and flying experience seeking value for money.

Marketing Strategy : Event sponsorship eg. Olympics 2012. Engages in overall mega marketing campaign using TV, print and outdoor media

Vs Emirates : Better than Emirates in airport lounges. Very comparative. Key Challenger

Currently ranked World's 28th Best Airline catching up from 44th position in 2011. Founded: 1972
Based out of : Changi International Airport, Singapore

Target Users: Lower middles to Upper uppers. Seeking flying experience with value for money

Marketing Strategy : "Singapore Girls" ; All round marketing using TV, print and outdoor.

Vs Emirates : Better connectivity to South-East Asia and Kangaroo Routes. Rated better than Emirates in World Airline raking, Cabin seating, On-board catering, Airport Lounge. Ranked World's 2nd Best Airline LOCAL REGIONAL GLOBAL SWOT ANALYSIS Any Question? (Open Skies and portfolio) Emirates Airline Awards
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