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Student led conference 2015 from lpe school

I teach you about my 2015 progress

Ethan Kang

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Student led conference 2015 from lpe school

Student led conference 2015
I will tell you about my progress in my learning
MY student led conference
Reading goal
My reading goal is to do 4 see reader 2 i balance and 10 read around.This will help me get to different grades and make me a better reader.
show:Headline for turtle.
I will show you a thing a made in reading.IT is a Headline me and my friends made.TA-DAAAA!
My writing goal is to master conplex sentences.This is important to me because it will make my writing better.
I can practice writing,
Write at home.And practice writing
Ms.walker and you can help me
I can do reading plus,read,and barrow books from the library
You and ms.Walker can help
Writing example
I will open a new tab and show you my example
Topic 7
I feel that I improved on division because I didn't know what it is but I got 100% on the test.
Leadership roles.
I had a lot of leadership roles but my favorite is spelling review because I enjoy teaching my friends.
I've been resilient this year when I was using Near pod I made different things pop up and a fixed it.
My favorite project is when we thought about our animal.I liked it because I liked seeing what it was like to teach.
The role I didn't like was lock chrome books because people keep on doing it when it is my job!
I want to do lunch sticks next.
Celebration time
I want to show you something on the wall
What did you like?
What do you want to know more about?
What are you proud of?

I will show you something in My LN
show show 2
Thanks for coming
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