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Save Alex

Description about me and my efforts in save Alex project

sherif farag

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Save Alex

Sherif Farag
Assistant Lecturer
at Faculty of Fine Arts University of Alexandria
“the advisory committee of the Ministry of Higher Education-Egypt”.

An architectural and cultural-focused group which is based on social and experimental activities in cooperation with Bibliotheca Alexandrina
•Representative of Egyptian universities junior staff member
in the committee entitled to make a proposal for “the new Universities Organization Law”.

•The elected representative and founder.
“Egyptian Universities Junior Staff Union”

•The elected representative and founder.
“Alexandria University Junior staff Union”
1st Conference of Egyptian Universities Junior Staff “Future of Egyptian Universities: Where to?”
Academic activities
Staff member
Save Alex
why (Alexandria)?
The movie as a whole is touching the essence of Alexandria...Showing and stressing on many places in Alexandria engraved in the Alexandrians' memory and in her way to be forgotten."
•Founder of the student workgroup “Dawsha”
Villa Gustave Aghion
We expect from this project to save one of oldest cities in the ancient world, Alexandria,
which keeps a significant place in the history of civilization.
the cosmopolitan city
Can we do it?
why (Save) it?
increasing the
Yes we can
Port saeed
now in
planing start
Thanks for 25/1/2011
“Save Alex”; is a non-profit organization (under the establishment process) committed to protecting what is left of Alexandria’s rich architectural heritage, in an attempt to save the city from total disfiguration. This organization was first created by a group of Alexandrians moved by; what they saw to be gradual destruction of many of Alexandria’s architectural heritage, only to be replaced by haphazard residential blocks. The organization has organized successful protests and campaigns to stop the destruction of heritage building in Alexandria. It now aims to increase public awareness of the importance of this architectural heritage, to help achieve its goal of protecting Alexandria’s built heritage.
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