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Untitled Prezi

TRIM Implementation Timeline

Kevin Brown

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

August '14
October '14
TRIM Implementation Timeline
September '14

November '14
December '14
July '14
IT/ Records Survey Project - Claire/Kevin
TRIM Training Project - Claire/Kevin
Creation and Implementation of New Letter Log Software Project - Claire
Construction of Entity Folders in TRIM Project - Kevin
Creation of TRIM Policy Project - Claire
Server Email Capture Project - Claire
Update of Locations Table in TRIM Project - Kevin
January '15
Scanning of All Minutes - Claire/Angelique/Kevin
Priests' Data Collection Project - Claire/Angelique
and beyond...
TRIM Bulk Upload Training Project
Research of TRIM Web Drawer Project
Implementation of TRIM Web Drawer Project
Scanning of Legacy Letter Log Files Project
Creation of Letter Log Structure in TRIM Project
Ingest of Legacy Letter Log Files into TRIM Project
Training of Users for Letter Log Research Project
Creation of Priests' Files Structure in TRIM Project
Ingest of All Minutes into TRIM Project
Scanning of Priests' Files Project
Ingest of All Legacy Emails into TRIM Project
Server Cleanup Pilot Project
Server Cleanup Project
Sacramental Records Digitization Project
(includes survey of sacramental registers)
Ingest of Priest Files into TRIM Project
and beyond...
Ingest of all other High-Value Records into TRIM Project
Approval of Email Policy Project
Ingest Georgia Bulletin Issues into TRIM Project
Ingest Press Releases into TRIM Project
Ingest Audited Financials into TRIM Project
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