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school's presentation ( designer babies )

No description

Dialla Sandouka

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of school's presentation ( designer babies )

God created us different for a reason
who are we to challenge God ? Designer Babies What if just with drinking one medicine your hormones are changed and you would never become sick again? What if by doing some genetic changes your dream baby would be real? These questions and lots more
lead us to the answer ! designer babies!!!
It's a word that refers to a baby whose genetic makeup has been artificially selected by genetic engineering , it's
the technology that helps you firstly ,make your child healthy by checking all the genes and secondly choose his/her gender, hair color, eye
color and other factors The disadvantages : 1)health risks and ethical issues
2) similar outlook
3)financial disparity designing baby could divide the human
beings into two parts; those are designed
people and those aren't. On my opinion the,
the way we are going to design our babies
will turn human beings into robots . That’s
why we have to keep our normal human
being life and avoid designing babies. "Designer baby": Things we are going to discuss : 1) what is a designer baby ?
2) advantages of designer babies .
3) disadvantages of designer babies .
4) my opinion about the whole designing thing . The advantages : making your
child healthy choosing
his/her gender having babies from the opposite gender if you have several babies from the same gander make baby
resistant to some illnesses having a beautiful appearance that would help in having relationships making your child beautiful/ handsome How can any normal child
hope to become a better basketball
player than child who was specifically designed in a lab to play basketball? How can the average child compete for academic awards
with a designer baby whose genes have been artificially selected by genetic engineering to be smarter ? Designer babies would have the
unfair advantage in life, that no matter how hard other children
work, they will
never be able to overcome. Normal children would have the unfair disadvantage of not having their genes altered. These "genetic superhumans" will dominate over the natural born children
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