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Hi I'm Olaf! And I like warm hugs!

No description

Veronica Matranga

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Hi I'm Olaf! And I like warm hugs!

get to the point quickly
because I'm gonna melt pretty soon. I'm going to show you around Arendelle and all of its royalty.

This is Anna, Elsa's sister. Anna and Elsa were very close until Elsa
to be seen. Anna
attempts seriously
to get Elsa to build a snowman with her, but Elsa always refuses.
When the King and Queen died, Elsa took place as the Queen. She had to take her gloves off at the coronation, and things started to freeze. Elsa wears gloves to make her powers
less extreme
This is the man who helps Anna
find Elsa on the
North Mountain. His
name is Kristoff
though Olaf gives him
pen name
, Sven.
Conjecture (3)
The duke of Weasleton
formed an opinion
that Elsa is evil. They think that it is not safe for Anna to find Elsa because of her cold
withdraws herself from society
stays in her ice castle.
That's when I, the talking snowman, comes in!
Her magical powers
me to become real.
But I am
asking earnestly
to make summer come!
Let's go bring back summer!
Hi I'm Olaf! And I like
warm hugs!

This is the King and Queen of Arendelle. Joy
spread throughout
the kingdom when they were ruling. That is, until they
turned away
visitors from the castle when, their daughter, Elsa couldn't control her powers.

Succumb (2)
Pervaded (1)
Rebuffed (1)
This is Elsa, the oldest daughter and princess of the King and Queen. She has magical ice powers that she has a hard time controlling. Elsa has to keep her hands
clothed and covered
because if she touches something, it will freeze!
clad (2)
Endeavor (2)
Sven is the
of Kristoff's
Pseudonym (3)
Modify (3)
Disposition (3)
frees herself from the situation
by building an ice castle and "letting it go."
Extricate (3)
Anna is
willing to take risks
while Kristoff is
when they
begin their journey
to bring back sumer. Olaf is just doesn't have even
a slight suspicion
as to what they are doing, or even what Kristoff's real name is. They all
join together
to defeat all of the obstacles in their way.
Recluse (4)
Impel (4)
Entreat (4)
Audacious (5)
Conscientious (5)
Embark (5)
Inkling (5)
Conspire (6)
Lionized (6)
Bizarre (6)
Concise (1)
Hans and Anna are very
foolish and silly
Inane (7)
Elsa is
treated like a celebrity
, but not always in a good way.
Now that's just

When Elsa started to freeze everything, a
of an eternal winter happened, everywhere.
deluge (7)
Anna had a white stripe in her hair because
when she was little, Elsa had accidentally
struck her with her ice powers.
A sharp feeling of pain
hit Anna when she was struck.
That's why
Elsa was not allowed to see anyone, because she couldn't control her powers. Anna thought it was an
white stripe that she was born with.

negligible (7)

Elsa creates an ice castle with her powers. The castle has a
blue color
and is
very roomy
azure (8)
capacious (8)

I, Olaf am the snowman who
entertains and amuses everyone
on the hunt for Elsa. I was excited to experience
weather after Elsa brought back summer!
pang (8)
diversion (9)
balmy (9)
A pack of wolves tried to attack Kristoff, Anna and Sven when they were going to Elsa's castle, but they were lucky because Sven is
able to move quickly and easily
nimble (9)
Before Anna was allowed to
open up the gates of Arendelle,
she was
most miserable
she was all alone. Elsa was miserable too because if
anyone found out about her ice powers, even Anna, there could be
terrible consequences
people were scared of Elsa.
abject (10)
dire (10)
And so our journey ends here. But remember, there is always room to
make things better

enhance (10)
Made By: Veronica and Megan
Interfered By: Kate, Genevieve, and Jada
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