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Idioms Culturally Bonded

Project for PHS Computer Apps Photoshop Unit

Brad Foltz

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Idioms Culturally Bonded

What is an Idiom? According to Christine Ammer of the American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms "An Idiom is a set phrase of two or more words that means something different from the literal meaning of the individual words" Would you like an example? Does he look nervous? You could say
he is sweating bullets The important thing
to remember about idioms They are indigenous to cultures huh?? No Really!
It is hard .....even
impossible to understand
what the conversation is if
you don't understand the idioms of the land. You're building a Turk! That's German for
you are making up phony stories Trust me,
I'm not hanging
noodles on your ears. Idioms are the
Key to understanding
language insitu Watch this example from one of my favorite shows... NCIS Now
Pay Attention
while I give you your assignment!!! Find an idiom and represent both the "literal" and the meaning beyond the literal. For Example You need to
try and research
where it originated And use it in context Keep track of it all Now, there are additional requirements Remember,
any images you use
must be cited...
Creative Commons! Lest you think that
just because you aren't
from a country...like Great Britain or Germany
make you understand all idioms
in your country.... Think this I am just talking about English English? Think Again! Idioms are all around us
and they are the key to
REALLY understanding a culture Objectives for this unit: Stretch your Photoshop skills
Think beyond the literal
Behave ethically remember to check for Creative Commons license and cite your sources. You have to create two images out of three The first...
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