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Welcome to the Peer Tutoring Center

No description

Peer Tutoring Center NCVPS

on 22 November 2017

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Transcript of Welcome to the Peer Tutoring Center

What We Do
The Peer Tutoring Center gives all NCVPS students access to assistance that comes directly from other students across the state.
Virtual Buddies
A Virtual Buddy is your personal guide to help you get through your course. They're flexible, easy to contact, and have been right where you are now. Contact your teacher if you're interested in having your own Virtual Buddy.
Coming Soon!
Similar to Virtual Buddies, English Language Learner Program volunteers are here to help ELL/ESL students succeed in their NCVPS course.

Contact your instructor if you are interested in working with an ELL volunteer.
TutorTalk is the Peer Tutoring Center's blog, providing you with information about study skills, college prep, stress management, and more. All the content on TutorTalk is created by our student volunteers.
Peer Tutoring
The tutors of the Peer Tutoring Center can help you with all this and more on our new web based platform Upswing. Search for your course's name, schedule a session, and get help at a time that works for you! Tutors can help you with NCVPS and face-to-face classes.
Welcome to the Peer Tutoring Center
We are students helping students.
Peer Tutoring
Virtual Buddies
Tutor Talk Blog
English Language Learner Program
Writing Center
Tech Support
Bullying Prevention
Not understanding a lesson in your module?
Feeling confused about an important concept?
Need a study buddy to help you prepare for finals?
Get started at

Want to learn some new study tricks?
Can't seem to keep up with your assignment due dates?
Need some extra motivation to get through a tough module?
All peer tutors have successfully completed at least one NCVPS course, and many are currently taking an NCVPS course this semester.
Coming Soon!
Check out Tutor Talk:
Students can come to the Writing Center to learn new writing tips, skills, and strategies. Students will also be able to submit their written works to a writing tutor who can give them feedback and advice to enhance their writing.
Tech Support
Look forward to student-created tutorials and instructional guides for NCVPS course features and popular Web 2.0 tools.

Bullying Prevention
Our latest program will offer resources to students interested in learning more about anti-bullying techniques.
English Language Learner Program
Writing Center
Visit the Writing Center!
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