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Animal Farm

Chapters 1-7

Roberta Espinosa

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Animal Farm

Animal Farm Chapter 1
-In this chapter we get to know the song
"Beasts of England" which is sang by the
animals when they have any victory or they are happy.
-Mr. Jones was drunk and he went to sleep while the animals
waited to hear what Old Major needed to say.
-We also get to know the animals, their names and which kind
they were.
-Old Major felt that his ending was coming so he prepared the animals for
everything and told the things as they were.
-Old Major explained his dream and as they sang Beasts of England Mr.Jones
went to check that everything was okay. Chapter 2
-From chapter one and all that happened, three nights later Old Major
died peacefully while he was sleeping.
-Now animals saw a clear sight of life and things they were more intelligent
and they had no innocence anymore.
-While Mr.Jones was sleeping the animals had meetings and some of them where
saying that they had to be loyal to Mr.Jones.
-Animals where kind of saying that they depended on Mr. Jones because he feeded them
and Molly was talking about sugar and only thinking if she will be fine.
-The seven commandments where said, and the shall be followed by all animals. Chapter 3
-Animals had a very hard work and the work
was designed for humans and not for animals and
the pigs did not work at all, they just supervised and
directed others.
-Molly did not worked and just make as if she was doing
something while she didn't.
-Animals had breakfast one hour later on Sundays and
they put up the flag.
Napoleon and Snowball where the ones more active in
the debates.
-They talked about the production of the farm, and they
always ended the meetings singing Beasts of England. Chapter 4
-In this chapter they had a battle of the
cowshed that was between humans and animals
which was planned by Snowball.
-Snowball was severely hurt on the battle.
-While all the battle happened, Mollie was hiding
in the barn.
-The chief of the battle was Snowball.
-The meaning of the gun placed on the foot of the flagpole
was like a reminder of what happened on the war. Chapter 5
-Mollie began to be a trouble maker. She had
no dicipline at all and she got late everywhere.
-Mollie dissapeared.
-Snowball won most of the debated, but Napoleon
was supported more by the sheep.
-There were a lot of planes of improvement for
the farm.
-The whole farm was divided by the theme of
the windmill because of their different opinions. Chapter 6
-Beasts of England can't be sang anymore.
-Snowball wanted to produce the windmill to reduce the work
in the farm for the animals.
-Napoleon thought that the windmill was a plan with non sense
and destroyed it and then embrace it.
-Napoleon made changes and the animals didn't work anymore and the
sunday meetings where changed.
-Now animals were working a lot to construct the windmill again and they consider trading with the other farm because they needed more money. Chapter 7
-The animals had a little of snow and they were working
very hard to construct the windmill again.
-The eggs of the chickens were sold to get money for the
-Beasts of England was just sang when they had victory.
-The reaction of Napoleon to the hens rebellion was that
they are not having food anymore.
-Everything that Napoleon said was made because now he was
like the chief. Chapter 8
-Squealet tries to show the animals
that they are better without Jones and
the improvement that they have made.
-Napoleon gets fooled and get payed
with fake money when he sells the lumber.
-The windmill is destroyed.
-They had a hard relation with Fredericks farm and
other neighbour farms.
-The pigs discovered the whisky and drink it all. Chapter 9
-The animals start rebuilding the windmill.
-Boxer works a lot even though he is injured from
the lungs.
-Napoleon wants a school to be created on the farm.
-The pigs made the animals believe that they were
taking Boxer to the Veterianrian.
-They made a conmemorial to Boxer. Chapter 10
-Most of the animals are old
and some of them are dead.
-Now they have the windmill.
-Many things in the farm have changed.
-Now they changed the name, flag,
commandments, etc.
-The farm now is more peacefull.
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