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Jumpstart Your Online Video Strategy

Lights! Camera! Confusing, time-consuming, and expensive... The problem with getting started with online video is that

Rocky Walls

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Jumpstart Your Online Video Strategy

Jumpstart your online video strategy Misconceptions Connect with me... youtube.com/12starsmedia
linkedin.com/rockywalls (aka bad ideas) Best Practices (aka good ideas) 2 minute drills I'm not tech-savvy I'm not creative takes too long too expensive Find the interests of your audience
Solve their problems unhappy customers
going out of business
looking unprofessional
missing sale opportunities What are their fears? retiring early
getting recognition
having work/life balance
selling their business What are their hopes and dreams? companies
competetion What and who do they most admire? demanding clients
expensive office space
lack of knowledge
competetion What or who holds power over them? wasting money
technology is hard to learn
low margin products
time management What frustrates them? entrepreneurial
control freak
problem solver
DIY expert How do they see themselves? Hopes
Dreams Frustrations How to
Instructions = How to Plan a Wedding You'll Remember
How to Grow Your Business While Running It
Understanding Lawn Treatments
The Ultimate Guide to Tipping Holds
Power Concept of
Self Questions = Are You Overpaying for Office Space?
Do You Have Bedbugs?
What One Website Change Can Grow Your Business NOW?
Top Blogger Styles - Which One Are You? Fears
Frustrations Warnings
& Mistakes = Warning: Social Media Won't Save Your Business
Are You Making These Seven Accounting Mistakes?
3 Warning Signs Your Website Is Useless
The Visiting Evansville Survival Guide Frustrations,
& Failures Simplify = Simple Daily Habits to Ignite Your Passion
The Minimalist Guide to Being Thorough
Social Media in 15 Minutes a Day
The First Steps Toward Building a Team Who
Do They
Admire? Guilty
Association = 6 Design Lessons From Apple
Create Annual Reports Like Warren Buffet
What Smurfs Teach Us About Community
Master Humility Like Ochocinco tweet this - Thx @vincerobisch for letting @rockywalls steal your awesome 2 minute drill concepts from #BIN2011! Top 10 Video Dos and Don'ts Don't push
the red button
without a purpose. Don't write
a script. Don't be your
biggest critic. Don't focus on
producing a
viral video. Don't forget
the people. Don't forget
the BRoll. Don't suffer from Don't make excuses Do video. Don't say "we can
just edit that." Don't neglect
video SEO. Do use this formula - 10 9 8 1 7 6 5 4 3 2 Do add keyword
rich titles, descriptions,
tags, and transcriptions. Do shoot good video
from the start. Do plan several
short interviews. Do plan for lots,
and a variety. My audience will _____________ after
viewing my video because _____________. Do recognize
your audience. Do focus on the
quality of views. Do select the rights tools for the job. Do use a S.O.S. (shiny object syndrome) bullet
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