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Enterprise Content Management

Information Technology Service's Enterprise Content Management Department presentation for Ed Tech Day.

Daniel Ruthman

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Enterprise Content Management

What is Enterprise
Content Management?
Beginning in 2013, Ithaca College implemented an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system to provide a method of storing, sharing, and managing electronic documents.

In addition to managing documents and content, the system is capable of automating associated business processes and also supports the college’s focus on environmental sustainability and document security.
The ECM System
An inside look

Graduate Admissions
Undergraduate Admissions
Student Financial Services
Academic Workflow
In the works
Completed ECM
Core Projects
Types of ECM Projects
Scanning and Document Management
Electronic Decision Sheet
Review, Recommendation and Decision Routing
File Viewing
Integration and Updating with Student Information System
Decision Letter Generation
Receive and Import CommonApp Files
Document Scanning and Storage
Workflow Routing from Receipt to Decision
Custom Modules for Auditions
Decision Letter Generation
Nolij Web
Unified Admissions Process
Financial Aid and Scholarships
Automated transfer of credits
Office of Institutional Advancement
Information Tech. Services
Campus Center & Event Services
Academic Workflow
Course Registration Override
Change of School or Major
Grade Changes
IC Workflow
Enterprise Content Management system designed specifically for higher education

Web-based front end for interacting with documents and workflow

A simplified solution to process student records by eliminating time-consuming manual tasks

Able to integrate custom developed applications using Application Programming Interfaces (API’s)
Custom web interface developed by Information Technology Services

Browser interface to complete simple workflow tasks

Highly customizable to meet specific departmental, workflow and compliance requirements
• Financial Aid Packaging and Verification
Scan paper files into electronic documents and import electronic files
Logically index documents for easy retrieval and viewing
Create virtual filing cabinets to store documents
Route documents, assign tasks to individuals and update ERP systems
Documents are maintained in perpetuity or purged based on institutional retention schedules
Share electronic documents with other departments or individuals
Course Registration
Student Accessibility Services:
Testing Accommodations
Completed Academic
Workflow Projects
Change of
Major / Concentration
General Counsel
Risk Management
Institutional Advancement
Academic Advising Center
Judicial Affairs
State Grants Office
Student Accessibility Services
• Scan/Store/Retrieve
• Transfer Credit Evaluation Process
• Share Student Files with Dean’s, Advising Center
and Related Academic Offices

Academic Affairs
Park School of Communications
School of Business
School of Music
School of HSHP
School of Humanities & Sciences
Grade Change
Incomplete Grade
Break Request
Commuter Status Form
Spring Break Registration
Coming Spring 2015
Scan, Store, Retrieve
Financial Services
Accounts Payable
General Accounting
Accounts Receiveable
Purchasing and Procurement
Coming Summer 2015
Coming Summer 2015
Coming 2015
Course Waiver Substitution
Transfer Credit Evaluation

Internship / Indep Study / Fieldwork App
Registration for / Cancellation of Minor or Concentration
* = Completion times subject to change
Coming Spring 2015
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