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black holes

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 10 May 2017

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Transcript of black holes

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Black Holes
different view points
A point in space with so much gravity that not even light can escape. To an observer it appears as only a sphere of perfect blackness. If the speed of it is high enough, it will keep going until it escapes the gravitational pull.
What is your theory?
II thik that black holes might have mistakes or examples of another or the first big bang, which people are getting sucked into the black holes to be reincarnated.

where does it take place
32 million light-years from earth in the messier 74 galaxy (m74),this object it emits periodic outbursts or x rays
bye bye
What is the Mystery?
The mystery is if black holes exist or not. a black hole is a space where anything around it will get sucked in and it cannot escsape. it is when the center f a very bign star falls in upon itself or collapses.anoth mystery is where people go when they are teleported into a black hole.are they dead or not is the question
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