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Isaac Newton Mathematician Geometry

Angel Cortez, Joshua Guzman-Wolfe, Anthony Nguyen, Karla Maqueda

Susan Baranich

on 17 June 2011

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Transcript of Isaac Newton Mathematician Geometry

Sir Isaac Newton 1642-1727 Isaac was born in 1642 on December 25 (Christmas day)
in Woolsthorpe, England. Isaac was born as a premature baby. Isaac was the child of Hannah Newton and Isaac Newton Senior. Sadly his father died that same year 3 months before his birth in October. Historical Contributions Significant Life Events How Isaac Newton and his discoveries apply to our lives today. Educational Background When Isaac was a child he attended grammer school. Sadly he did poorly, he was more of a "self taught" person. He barely maintained average grades or payed attention in school. It wasn't until he entered Trinity College, at Cambridge University when he became interested in Mathematics (and science). He quickly mastured geometry and by the end of his 2nd year at Cambridge he had replaced his professor, Dr. Isaac Barrow. "To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me." Newton had many accomplishments throughtout his life, such as ; - 1703 Becoming President of the Royal Society - 1669 Was elected as Lucasian Professor of Mathematics - 1687 Publication of Principia Mathematica, inspired by Edward Halley - 1704 Publication of Opticks - 1665 Graduates Bachelor of Arts at Trinity College - 1689 Becomes part of Parliament - 1705 Knighted by Queen Anne of Britain Isaac's law of gravity helped us better understand how the planets and other celestial bodys work. We also learn about this in Middle School. Now Instead of the old refracting telescopes we have reflecting ones. This lets other scientists explore space and help us to better understand it. Newton's 3 laws of motion explain how things all around us move and come into place. We learn about these laws and come to understand them in Middle School. Calculus plays an important role in our lives. We learn it in high school and sometimes it follows us though the rest of our lives. Calculus helps us with engineering, computer science, physics, chemistry, and much more! Mathematical Scientific Isaac Newton perfected the binomial theorem. A binomial is a mathematical expression that consists of two terms. The Binomial Theorem gives the expansion of any binomial to any power. He is also known as the father of calculus, simply because he invented it. He called calculus "fluxions" and used it for finding areas, tangents, and lengths of curves. Calculus is all about change, each problem presented is always changing, like curved lines on a graph shown to the right. This is better for real life situations because in life things are indeed always changing. Isaac Newton was also known as one of the worlds greatest scientists. Isaac Newton was the one to discover white light (sunlight) is composed of a spectrum of colors and that prisms are the things that separate the white light. Thanks to his knowledge on light Isaac concluded that old telescopes (like ones used by Galileo) refract the light that pass through the glass lenses. This made objects like stars seem blurry and clouded. He invented a reflecting telescope that made images much more clear and did not disturb the light that passes through. There are also his contributions like his 3 laws of motion and his Universal Law of Gravitation. All these laws take form of a math formula. They also helped us better understand the solar system, his law of gravity helped explain how the planets move around the Sun. By Anthony Nguyen, Angel Cortez, Joshua Guzman-Wolfe, and Karla Maqueda
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