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indusrtial rev


mary zavaro

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of indusrtial rev

by; Mary Zavaro & Matt Bristol industrial revolution Factory Life Factory Workers New Inventions factory conditions child labor today -Hard to breath (dust flies everywhere) -Kids could being working at age 6 -In sub-saharan africa over 48 million kids are at, no education -unclean
-close together
-unsanitary -Injuries an death were common -They had 12-16 hour work days -People were whipped to stay awake -Factory causes air pollution -6 hours -Social, physhical abuse an to their health -Used huge machinary -Health problems in elder years -Death 40 years old -Steam engine-James Watt -Cotton gin-Eli Whitney -Sewing machine-Elias Howe -80% is agricultural work -5-7 years old -215 million kids work
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