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Knowledge as Justified True Belief

No description

Sierra Biggs

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Knowledge as Justified True Belief

The Nature of Knowledge
by Sierra, Allison, Jaia, and Ivana

Knowledge Issue
What role does truth play in the pursuit of knowledge?
Levels of Knowledge
Good Understanding
Your experience with a subject can change your knowledge of the subject.
Second-hand Knowledge
Examples of second hand knowledge:
cultural tradition
the internet- Don't believe everything you read
authority (expert opinion)- Experts are not always right
news media
Only use viable resources that you believe are unbiased and as close to the truth as possible.
Truth is the backbone of knowledge
Belief and knowledge are like two levels of knowing
Belief- emotional
Knowledge- rational
Different levels of knowledge
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3 elements that make up knowledge:
truth-100% proven and reliable
belief-well supported beliefs, doubtful belief
justification-must prove your beliefs to become the truth
Difference between knowledge, belief and
truth. Not all of your beliefs are truth, you must justify your sources.
Knowledge as Justified True Belief
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