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Research on Teacher's on Bill115

Research on the effects of Bill 115 on Teachers

Raven A

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Research on Teacher's on Bill115

Onyinye Ubah Effect of media on young girls Research Question Questions? “This paper will examine the unrealistic standards of women portrayed by the media and its effect on bod image in women age 18-22 at The University of Western, Ontario”. Problems Interviews Methods How they do it Romanticizing figures of art since 1468 with Botticelli's Venus to Marylin Monroe and barbie dolls in the 1950's Background Western voted to have the most good looking students
"I am never eating again" - Anonymous
To see if women in that age range are affected by these images
There are also numerous studies that state that a personal assessment of women’s own image can have a powerful influence on their development and experiences Justification Scholarly Relevance Ethnographic Surveys Interviews Ethnographic Surveys
Methods: Purpose: to understand each participant view on the issue When?: Times that would fit their schedule; after class, during breaks How often?: Once in September and again in April Purpose: To select the best candidates for the interview process.
To acquire an overall result of among the demographic Handout at the beginning of the year Include: Students Provided by me Officially introduce myself and allow the female students to feel comfortable with me Time Frame September
2014 September 2016 September 2015 Students come back Release of results 2-3 years One year after release of result At University of Western, Ontario, mass media is the form of communication, visual images are more accessible now than then. Over the years, technology has advanced, making mass media the most popular way of sharing information. Over the years, images in Magazines and Television has gotten thinner and thinner. With techniques such as airbrushing, soft focus cameras and editing, images become unrealistic. "Magazine and television influences has proven to be some of the most important conveyors of sociocultural standards in young women" - Journal of Social Issues So girls want to do anything and everything to be what they what they see in the Magazine because that is what they see as standard. Research never been done at this school
Results will help in sociology, women studies and psychology classes
Start a self image seminar in Orientation week "Today, 97% of women are cruel to their bodies because there is something about it they want to change" - Glamour Magazine http://cottoncandyfro.tumblr.com/post/42767692599 Semi Standardized Include: Students Purpose: To understand how these students feel about themselves and each other in these respective environments What?: Observing the gym and the conversations that go on in the locker rooms. The various gym classes and in the locker rooms
The food courts in various residents and the UCC, observe foods that girls pick up various eating habits
Media outlets: Television shows and Magazines
Social Media websites of western students such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram Include: two students from first year, one student from 2nd and 3rd year and two students from 4th years
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