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Climate Change

No description

Haruma Maruhashi

on 20 June 2015

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Transcript of Climate Change

Tropical cyclones
The mains source of energy for
tropical cyclone is the warm oceans
in the tropical region. Super Typhoon Yolanda said to be the strongest storm in the philippines.
Philippines is the top 1 country that suffered the most by weather-related disasters like storms, floods, and heatwaves in 2013 due to the Global Climate Risk Index 2015 and they are trying a lot of ways to prevent climate change. Here is some of the ways.

Causes-Fossil Fuels
Burning of fossil fuels
Climate change effect lot of things.
It harmed humans, environments
and changed our life. Here are our
Ocean acidification
The shift in the Ph levels of Philippines ocean can lead to wide
spread coral reef death since it's
imbalanced. Imbalance may cause fish larvae not able to develop bones
Natural Causes
Volcanic Eruptions
Ocean currents
Reported by: Seung Yeon, Nima and Haruma
earth orbital changes:
more tilt=warmer summers and colder winters
less tilt=cooler summers and milder winters
solar variation
Human Causes
Greenhouse gases
Coal Mining
Burning of fossil fuels
Industrial processes
Seung Yeon
Improve public transportation systems and build more walkways and sidewalks
Started to work on drafting a Green Building Code for the environment
Begin to work on the first report on how vulnerable the Philippines is to climate change
More than 5,000 villages received flood hazard maps
The government is preparing some money for the fund when a disaster happens.
The 3rd Philippine report on climate change is reported
Many Filipinos marched 40 days motivating that the Philippines is capable from the impact of climate change
By Haruma
There was a debate about banning burning garbage.
What you can do to stop climate change
Every little help from all of you can actually stop the climate change in the Philippines. These are some of the example you can do.
Travel by bicycle or by foot
Turn off your aircon and instead turn on your fan
Donate or Volunteer
Be more outdoor and play outside
Turn off the light when you are not using
Plant a tree, vegetable, fruit or flower

Climate change effect us in different ways. This changed our life styles;
Here are some examples:
Thank You!
Rainfall, flood to intesify
Monsoon rainfall in the Philippines will
reach new highs and lows. Some parts
of the country will experience an upward
trend in rainfall while other parts will
experience an intesification of droughts
Coral reef

The rising sea temperature damages
coral reefs. Coral reefs are the breeding ground for fish; where they
lay their eggs and the young develop. Coral reefs are the barrier
protecting the forces of the ocean and surges. Due to the damage of
coral reefs, we are losing natural barrier
Sea level rise
Current data show an increase in sea
surface heights. Scientists say this is due
to the melting of ice sheets in northern
portions like Antarctica and Greenland.
Sea levels will rise 4 to 6m.

Sea temperature rise
In the philippines, 4 and 5 degree
celsius spikes above the normal
sea surface temperature have been
recorded. Warmer seas can kill
coral reefs.
The Past
Ice age
What is climate change?
The change of climate around the world.
Companies helping climate change
United Nations
WWF (World wide fund for nature)
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