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Copy of Graduation Requirements

No description

Shauna Kinghorn

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements
Students must have 22 credits to graduate.
4 Credits of English
4 Credits of Math
3 Credits of Social Studies
3 Credits of Science
.5 Credit PE or Health
.5 Credit of My Success
1 Credit Fine Art/Vocational
6 Credit Electives
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
4th year math
Social Studies:
World History
American History
Government (.5)
Econ (.5)
University Bound?
4th year Math:
Advanced Math
3 credits Lab Science:
Chemistry or Physics
2 credits Foreign Language
1 credit of Fine Arts
3.0 GPA or B's or better
SAT's or ACT's
6 Credits of Electives
English 9 A&B
Algebra 1 A&B
General Science A&B
.5 Fine Art
.5 My Success
2 credit elective
English 10 A&B
Geometry A&B
Biology A&B
World History A&B
.5 Fine Art
.5 PE or Health
1 credit Elective
English 11 A&B
Algebra 2 A&B
3rd year Science A&B
American History A&B
2 credit Elective
English 12 A&B
4th Year Math A&B
.5 Government
.5 Economics
1 credit Elective
1 Class= .5 Credits
1 Block= 2 classes & 1 credit
=44 classes total
Any Classes?
Note: Senior year is 4 credits, if you pass ALL courses, you can finish early with parental approval.
= 22 Credits / 44 courses
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