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Transcript of Heroes

and the 12 steps of the Hero's Journey
What the scholars say:
The 12 stages of the Heroes Journey:
So what makes a Hero a myth Hero? Hero’s Birth:
Miraculous conception or birth
A dark period or time
There is often a threat to the hero’s young life
Search for the “Father”
Campbell calls the hero’s pattern a “monomyth” – Basically all hero myths are the same story at the core – Hero's Journey
The journey is a universal metaphor for the human search for self-knowledge. De Chardin, calls this the evolutionary path to full consciousness and individualization
Their journey reflects our journey. So we are reflected in this idea of becoming more conscious and individualized.
Why heroes appeal to us, and why the stories have longevity
They are human, part human, or are like humans
They are a bridge between the gods and man
Entertainment Value
1- Starts in the Ordinary World
2- Call to the Adventure
3- Refusal to the Call
4- Meeting the Mentor
5- Crossing the Threshold – moving from the ordinary world to the special world
6- Test, Allies, Enemies
7- Approach to the “Inner Most Cave”
8- The Big Ordeal
9- Reward
10- The Road Back
11- Resurrection – back to the ordinary world
12- Return with the Elixir/boon

The hero will move from the Ordinary World to the Special World and then back to the Ordinary World. This represents the hero’s journey from consciousness to unconsciousness to consciousness
The Seven Main Archetypes of the Hero’s Journey
1- Hero
2- Mentor
3- Threshold Guardian
4- Herald
5- Shapeshifter
6- Shadow
In the hero’s myth, there is an important female presence, which signifies the psyche or spiritual energy. Jung calls this the Anima. The Anima needs to be present for the hero to achieve wholeness or full individuation. Same thing for the heroine, she will need the Animus figure to balance her
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