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Water Pollution

Mr. Huck Project

Cameron Jarnot

on 15 February 2012

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Transcript of Water Pollution

Water Pollution Three Leading Causes of Water Pollution: 1. Pesticides
2. Fertilizers/Nutrient Pollution
3. Oil, Gasoline, and Addictives Cause of these Water Pollutions: 1. Farm fields and roadside pollution - Runoff into local water
2. Sewage, Manure, Chemical Fertilizers - Nutrients - Nitrates, Phosphates
3. Oil Spills, Land-based Petroleum Pollution - Rain Runoff - Oil, Fuel, Fluid from Cars and Trucks, Gasoline, Industrial Machinery Happy Birthday! Effect of Water Pollutions: 1. Contaminates freshwater that fish swim in, and we drink, $400 million each year to clean
2. Overstimulates growth of aquatic plants - clogs waterways, blocks light to deeper water where organisms live - When the die, they use up oxygen - oxygen-poor waters
3. Contaminates coastal and groundwater, kills animals, sends dirty water into the water cycle Merry Christmas!!! Solutions to These Water Pollutions: Reducing nutrient and pesticide polltuion
Encourage smart agricultural practices
Less fertilizers and pesticides
Reestablish wetlands
Drive less
Improve sewage pollution What Can Be Done Locally: No Pesticides
Organic Fertilizer
Picking Up Trash
Better Sewage Systems
Organic Car Gas My Question: Topic: Water Pollution
Identify the various causes and effects of water pollution in world water distributions Conclusion: As you can see, it is important that we take care of our world's water. Bibliography: grinningplanet.com By Cameron Jarnot
Period 2 Questions or Comments?
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