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World War II Controversy

No description

Melissa Butler

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of World War II Controversy

World War II Controversy
By Melissa Butler
Basic Facts
50 000 000 people died
6 000 000 of those were Jews
England, Russia, Canada and USA - Allies
Italy, Germany, France, Japan, Spain - Axes
There were dictators in Japan, Italy, Germany and Spain
The first and only nuclear bomb used in war was used by the US in 1945
Was it Just?
Some people would argue yes. Germany and Japan both invaded multiple countries unprovoked. It wasn't fought for political or material gain on the side of the Allies, who were the ones to declare war. Germany was putting people they deemed unworthy or Jewish into camps. Sometimes work camps and sometimes camps where they would be killed. This war follows the conditions set by Thomas Aquinas and Francisco de Vitoria, except for their last one. It says that to be just, only sufficient force can be used and no civilians involved. Says Thomas Aquinas, "How is it they live in such harmony the billions of stars – when most men can barely go a minute without declaring war in their minds about someone they know."
Was it Unjust?
Some people would argue on the other side, claiming that if the only reason for World War II was to save the Jews, it didn't work very well. The war starting stopped the trains that were rescuing Jewish children. Reports from Auschwitz came in but they all refused to bomb the railway tracks. The industrialization of mass murder, came only after the war began, according to Nicholson Baker. Arno Mayer, a Princeton historian, has the view that the frenzy of war caused Hitler to switch from forced emigration, which was his original idea, to extermination. As Marcus Tullius said, "An unjust peace is still better than a just war."
Definition of War
A state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state (n)
Usually open and declared conflict
Hostility, antagonism
An organized effort by a government or other large organization to stop or defeat something that is viewed as dangerous or bad
Did the war not end until 1989?
The Nazi battle against communism wasn't over until 1989 but the actual fighting and the papers surrendering Germany were signed in 1945. Some argue that until the Berlin Wall fell, the papers couldn't come into effect because they only affected Germany as a whole.
Is the war ongoing?
Some people wonder if the war ever actually ended. World War 1 may have only taken a pause and morphed into World War 2. All the non-civil wars going on since could be considered continuations with the opposers changing. Each allied country (Russia, United Kingdom and USA) all have the mindset that they won the war singlehandedly, which would change it from a World War in their opinions. It would also cause divisions such as the Cold War stemming from the tension.
Current Opinions
"Was WWII just if we entered it to save Jews?"

Yes, although the more insightful answer may be no. - Kristi Perrin

"Was WWII just if we didn't enter to save the Jews, and the Holocaust happened as a result?"

It was none of our business to be over there, but it's hard to have power and just sit back and watch innocents die, although it would've saved a lot of American and Canadian lives. - Joel Barrett

"When did WWII end?"

WWI and WWII were centered around bringing down the German militarism and while there was a separation between the two world wars, the central idea was similar. I think it ended in 1945 because that's when the military was brought down. - Mr. Muirhead
Current Opinions
"Was WWII just if we didn't enter to save the Jews, and the Holocaust happened as a result?"

Any country too weak or afraid to stand against the Germans were invaded. Anyone who didn't agree was sent to prison or shot. If we let them continue they could have taken all of Europe and then once organized, they would've come to North America. If we didn't interfere, we could be speaking German and not English. - Bailey Dallyn

"If Germany runs the European Union, who really won WWII?"

They still lost because what was done in one time would be separate from another time. Running the EU doesn't even put them into a large seat of power because it's a grouping of leaders from different European countries. - Shelby Kopytko
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