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No description

Ariel Lundstrom

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of srgfhfgh

The Manhattan project *In 1939 Leo szilard learned that
scientist had spilt the uranium
atom. * Szilard was the first scientist
to suggest that splitting the atom might
release tons of energy and worried the
nazi's were working on a atomic bomb.
* Roosevelt recieved a letter from the world's best known
physicist, Albert einstein, warning him that by using uranium,
"extrememly powerful bombs of a new type may,,,be constructed." *Roosevelt decided to set
up a scientific committee to
study the issue. *The committee was
skeptical until 1941,
when they met with
british scientist
who were working on
a atomic bomb. * The British research project impressed the
Americans so much that they convinced Roosevelt
to begin a program to build an atomic bomb. *General Leslie R. Groves lead the
manhattan project, which was the
secret American project to build an
atomic bomb. *Szilard and enrico fremi built the first
nuclear reactor in 1942 at the university
of chicago. * On, July 16, 1945, they
detonated the world's
first atomic bomb in
New Mexico. * J. Robert Oppenheimer led a secret
group of engineers and scientist who
worked on the atomic bomb at Los, Alamos,
New Mexico.
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