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Brain Analogy

Week 2: Activity 2

Stephanie Caldwell

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Brain Analogy

Stephanie Caldwell The Central Nervous System Car Alarm System The Brain, Spinal Cord, Pheripheral Nervous System The components of the Car Alarm System is the car's power source, which include the main battery, auxiliary battery it is responsible for supplyimg power to the car's engine and alarm systems . The power source is essential for the ( headlights, door locks, interior lights and olther senors to work ) tha is attach to the alarm system. The brain of the alarm system the (computer control unit)uses the electricity to recieve the information from sensory system, gather the information from the car inside and outside environment, and send the message to the brain to activate the alarm. The Peripheral Nervous System Is the human body's decision and communication cener. Cerebrum: The brain of the car alarm system is the computer control unit...stores all information about the alarm system, and it jobs is to process the information it receive from the senors: to close or open the switches that activate the alarm devices. ...is made up of a network of nerves...spreaded throughout the body that function is to interpret, store, and respond to information received from the inside and outside of the body. presents Brain Analogy The Central Nervous System A Comparison to a Car Alarm System The main components of the Central Nervous System The CNS is Like....... Brain Spinal Cord Peripheral Nervous System ....these nerves goes from the brain to the face, ears, eyes, nose, and nose, and to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the rest of the body. Sensory nerves gather information from the environment and send that info to the spinal cord, which then speed the message to the brain. ...the brain then makes sense of the message and fires off a responds The Spinal Cord: .........is the car alarm system network of wiring, sensory, siren and radio reciever that is wired to the auxillary battery it uses an involuntary feature that activates the alarm in the event somebody cuts the main power source and triggers the brain to sound the alarm. ....All the components of a car alarm systems, is like the central nervous systems. because it uses senors (touch and pressure), and switches (wireless radio reciever to send messages (spinal cord), sirens (sound and motion). The car alarm function within the auto are similar to certain body parts and like nerves is wired into the batteries and a control unit( (which is like the peripheral nervous system) the auxillary battery (brain stem ) using involuntay features which communicate message to the brain (computer control unit) which is constantly monitoriung the car and continuously sends message to and from the brain of the unit. Recap References
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