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History of the NFL

No description

Daniel Adams

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of History of the NFL

History of the NFL By Daniel Adams Made to keep the peace and protect players First official championship game in 1933

"Greatest Game Ever Played" in 1958

First Super Bowl in 1970 History Rules Making Money/ Salary Cap Events Representatives gather in Canton, Ohio, in 1920

Renamed National Football League

NFL merges with American Football League Participating in games
Getting sponsored
Winning championships Examples of Penalties:
Roughing the Passer
Pass Interference
Unsportsmanlike Conduct The Super Bowl Conference representatives compete

Pittsburgh Steelers- 8 appearances 6 wins

First Superbowl- 1970 Packers 35 Chiefs 10 Equipment And its Advancements Polycarbonate helmets with chin straps and titanium facemasks Visors Rubber Mouthguards Shoulder Pads Integrated Compression Padded Socks Comparison Greater than Ebay's 2010 earnings

Equivalent to GDP of Macedonia Joe Flacco- Quarterback
Baltimore Ravens
MVP of Super Bowl XVII Franchises Salary cap- how much each players is payed over an agreed upon period of time
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