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Leadership & Learning

No description

Chris Bateman

on 7 June 2015

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Transcript of Leadership & Learning

Leadership & Learning
an unexpected journey.
Royal Roads
Thank you!
EDLM501 Leadership for Learning
Learning is not self-indulgent.
EDLM510 - Research for School Improvement
Data is important!
If you want to make a difference, you better figure it out!
EDLM530 - Planning for School Improvement
The school must have a plan.
Others must know that plan in order to support it.
EDLM540 - Building and Managing
the School Community
Community groups and even businesses should have a say in what happens inside a school.

At an independent school, this can be different.
There is less public accountability.
EDLM550 - Communication for Learning
Communication about student achievement
can further foster student achievement.

To do this a school needs data.
EDLM560 - Leading in the
Technology-Mediated Environment
Sometimes the best idea is to drop your original idea.

Sometimes it makes most sense to not implement change,
if the existing system is perfectly fine.

EDLM570 - Curriculum, Instruction,
and Assessment
Don't let "best practices" and the system get in the way of
student learning or the assessment of student learning.
EDLM580 - Supervision for Learning
There are many different ways to implement supervision.

This depends on the school.

Self-evaluation is a good place to start though.
EDLM610 - Leading and Sustaining Collaborative Inquiry Processes
Even in whitewater, we are still paddling with the current.
The Big Tree
My Growth
As an educator...
A Leader.
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