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WWII project

No description

clayton boren

on 25 April 2015

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Transcript of WWII project

WWII project
uncle sam and world war propaganda (#12)
the US put up propaganda to almost brainwash people into thinking a certain way. they put up incriminating or embarrassing pictures about the enemy countries and made it look like they were evil and needed to be stopped. they also tried to convince people to buy war bonds to help make supplies for the soldiers. they mainly focused on peoples need for appreciation and on there pity.
back ground
Government-the government sent out posters to convince people to buy war bonds or victory bonds to help the soldiers in the war and to promote hatred towards the axis powers.
Disney-they used famous characters as celebreties to help convince people to help there soldiers and to make the axis powers look idiotic.
main contributers (people who helped make propaganda)
propaganda was often very effective in convincing people into believing they were fighting against forces of pure evil, and to convince them to buy war bonds to support there soldiers, but some propaganda wasn't hipnotism, and not everyone just did whatever the posters or TV told them too.
impacts on people
this increased bond buying and helped supply bullets, build aircraft, and helped people spend time in victory gardens to supply food to there armed forces. The war didn't ride on the effectiveness of propaganda but the results did help america and the allies win the war as well as keep american spirits high
significance of event
did it help?
The short answer: yes it did help.
The long answer: it did increase victory bond sales and victory garden participation, but it wasn't like brainwashing, there were people who didn't increase or even start support as soon as they saw a propaganda poster, and, there were some people, *cough* chinese in concentration camps *cough* who didn't support ether the USA or the war effort.
what if it didn't happen
These are always tough questions to answer because no one realy knows for sure. but in my research and my findings, america's sucsess didn't hinge on propaganda. i think, at the least, the war would have been more difficult for the allies to win, but at the most it would have stopped 1000-2000 dollars from reaching the military and maybe 75-100 troops from being deployed from the united states. but, like i said its impossible to realy tell



textbook/in class worksheets/ect.
examples of propaganda
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