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Booker T. Washington

No description

Jailene sanchez

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Booker T. Washington

By: Jailene Sanchez
Hurriyah Woodard
Niovelly Nunez

Booker T. Washington
Booker Taliaferro Washington was an educator and a civil rights educator.

Booker T. Washington was born a slave in Hales Ford, Virginia on a Virginia Plantation on April 5, 1856.
Early Life
His mother's name was Jane and she worked as a cook for the plantation owner. His father is an unknown white man , most likely from a nearby plantation.
At early age Booker T. Washington was beaten for not performing his duties since he had to carry sacks of grain to plantation's mill as a small boy.
In 1872, Booker T. Washington left home and walked 500 miles to Hampton Normal Agriculture Institution in Virginia.

Along the way he took odd jobs to support himself. He convinced administrators to let him attend the school and took a job as a janitor to pay his tuition.

General Samuel Armstrong soon discovered him and decided to give him a scholarship.
Booker T Washington's Philosophy
Believed that the black role in reducing social tension was to "keep their place."
Urged blacks to accept discrimination for the time being and concentrate elevating themselves through hard work.
Experiences that formed his philosophy
Booker T Washington's
philosophy was formed
when he realized that
he was tired of doing
slavery work. He wanted
to gain education, so he
wouldn't have to work.
Influence on people
Was Booker T Washington Philosophy controversial?
because the blacks
thought Booker T wasn't doing enough!

Impact on Civil Rights
By working hard and earning
respect, and accepting their inferior
legal status for the time being,
blacks would ultimately gain the respect of
whites, who would grant them more rights
and allow them to move up the economic

Martin Luther King Jr.
Booker T. Washington
He believed that equality of race in America would only be achieved through peaceful demonstrations and arguments, rather than simply returning white violence with violence.
Background: Born: January 15, 1929 in Atlanta
Assassinated: April 4, 1968
Children: Bernice King, Dexter Scott King
He had a highly religious background, was inspired by Gandhi in his belief that campaigning should be passive.
Purpose in mind to give all Black Americans a chance at education
Washington was also a strong promoter of hard work, believing that this was the only way around
Taught that in order to become accepted by society, one must first prove themselves to society
I have a dream...
Joe Louis Barrow ( Brown Bomber)
May 13, 1914
April 12, 1981
Jackie Robinson
January 31, 1919
October 24, 1974
Sydney Poitier
Booker T. Jones
November 12, 1944
February 20, 1927
April 12, 1981
Sources :


http://www.biography.com/people/booker-t washington-9524663#awesm=~oARbl2esM272hj
George Washington Carver
Birth: unknown
Death: Jan 5Th, 1943
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