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Kopitnari Airport

No description

Gábor Frucht

on 30 May 2017

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Transcript of Kopitnari Airport

Kopitnari Airport - Georgia
Production and erection works of the steel superstructure
Orderer: LLC United Airports Georgia
Architect: UNStudio (Netherlands
General Contractor: LLC Paul Schuler and IRAO Group
Subcontractors (Hungarian)
Contractual data
Contractual price:
€ 1,391,000
Amount of the steel structure
Cost of the extra works:
€ 248,063
597 tons
Time of execution:
Between 03.05 - 01.08 in 2012
- Subcontractor required - high risk
- Task: Workshop design
- Kick off meeting and visit in Dombóvár
- Countinuous control
- Proper designer softwares
- Good relationship
Georgia (GE)
- 2700 Km far from Hungary on road
- 5 - 8 days long way for trucks
- 38 pcs trucks arrived the site
2 subcontractor
Scheduled manufacturing
Strict quality control
Short deadline
High quality painting
Delivery to the site
- 'Just in time' delivery acc. to the schedule
- Custom clearances procedure
4 weeks long period
10 people
Handtools by Rutin
Cranes and scaffolds by Client
Accomodies by the Client
Successful erection process
1st week
2nd week
3rd week
4th week
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