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Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying There are many differences and similarities from today and in the 70’s. Such as at least in the 70’s they bullied each other face to face unlike today when people can hide behind the computer. So in a sense bullying is worse now than it was then. Here are some examples of bullying back then:

Physical bullying
Verbal bulling Evidence of Bullying from the book. 1." Hey you Mutt and Jeff! Frankenstin and Igor! Don't look around I'm talking to you boneheads. What is this, a freak show?"
- Tony D.
Philbrik 29 Quotes Interview http://www.brainpop.com//technology/computersandinternet/cyberbullying/fyi/ 3:57 seconds long Video 2. 3. http://www.brainpop.com/technology/computersandinternet/cyberbullying/ The characters are Blade, Blade's gang, Kevin' and Max. It happened a few minutes before the fireworks. This event made Kevin and Max insecure and unsafe. Tony D.'s appearance and personality also affected the way they felt. This a example of verbal bullying. In quote 2 In quote 3 My name is Eileen Hoover and I am 46 years old. When I was only 4 years old, I was bullied by my cousins and their friends. They started calling me names like "whitey" and telling me my mom had thrown me in the trash when I was born. Then they locked me in a shed in my grandparents backyard. My grandmother heard me crying and came out to rescue me. Later that night, my parents had to sit down and tell me that I was adopted when I was only 2 days old. They told me that the loved me very much. The words my cousins said to me that day have stayed with me for years. Words can really hurt. Please watch what you say. Stop bullying! By Nidhi, Afreen, Ashton Thank you for watching "You! The freak! You and that giant retard, I'll cut you down to size. Dice and slice, baby! Freak show time!
Philbrik 35 "Boomers, you little freak. M80's. Maybe a rack of cherry bombs, is that what's making a lump in you pocket,huh?
Philbrik 30 The characters involved are Blade, Blade's gang, and Kevin. It happened a little while before the fire works occurred. This made Kevin feel less of himself. Blade's stature and his appearance effect there thoughts on Blade. This a verbal quote. In quote two the type of bullying is verbal bullying. The characters involved Tony.d, Max, and Kevin. This invent occurred before the firework show on the 4th of July. Freak and Max were probably had hurt feelings. True Story
Cyber bulling is a type of bullying that uses technology. It’s used to hurt, harass, threaten, and embarrass people that they don’t like.
Example for technology
Facebook, Twitter, Texting, Email, etc.
Bullies have been around for a long time but technology has given them a whole new way to bully others there for we must be aware of cyber bullying. Technology is used on a daily bases by many people. Kids use technology differently than adults like Facebook, twitter, texting, email, etc.
Cyber bullying can happen accidentally when people get mad, they type things they don't mean. Now bullying is worse for bullies can bully others through technology. They think they can hide behind a computer screen. But lucky for us most sites know how to locate the bully. Now www. brainpop.com
www.stopbuulying.gov Citation 70's bullying Group Thoughts
Bulling makes people:
1.Un-sure of themselves
2.Discriminated by other people
3.Low self-esteem [lowly regarded]
6.Bullying is a cruel characteristic some people have.
7.They do it to feel good about themselves. Group Thoughts on Bullying What is Cyber Bullying In quote 1
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