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Powerpoint or Prezi Rubric Guide

A rubric for the rubric generation.

Kyle von Kamp

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Powerpoint or Prezi Rubric Guide

Prezi Rubric Your presentation is awesome. We laugh. We cry. You have us wrapped around your finger. You show expertise about
Chapter 12 Section 4
The Ming Dynasty You show the class illuminating knowledge about your subject You use thoughtful and creative examples through PICTURES to illustrate and explain the concepts. Pretty good job. We are interested. Couple awkward moments where you don't really know what you are talking about. But its cool. You recover and all is good. We leave class feeling like we learned something that can be used in this course. It’s not clear exactly who is presenting because you have your back to us the whole time as you read from the screen. No one has told you we can read too. Your “facts” about your topic are so fascinating that we forget them as soon as we hear them. We leave class quickly, eager to move on to the next part of our day – even if this involves cafeteria food. One word: Awkward Yes we are laughing... not with you... or even at you. We are all just trying to do something anything to fill the horrible silence The class throws money in a hat to collectively support your efforts to buy a clue. We leave class feeling like we need a cold shower. You fail to attend class on the day of your presentation and you never make it up. You refuse to give your presenation to the class. Signs to look for: B C D F You vow to work even harder at teaching so you can be as good as me some day We leave class feeling like we’ve learned something important and we’re better for it. Elise stays for the whole class.
Austin is so moved by the moment that he bursts into song.
Talia is so excited by the debate that she slaps Mordechai on the head and yells “let’s get fired up”
Razelle demands we extend the study of the philosophers for another week. A Signs to look for: Only a couple heads on desks - no snoring
Elizabeth is so distracted by the prezi she forgets to point out one of your shortcomings
Bonnie takes off her hat out of respect to your presentation We kind of understand what you are saying, but have NO IDEA how that connects to ANYTHING we are studying. Sign to look for: Chin in hand, I'm trying to be polite, but it is a losing battle. 10 minutes in and it’s lights out.
Brooke, bored to tears, spots a nearby book. It's the Communist Manifesto. She reads it.
A Texas hold’em poker game breaks out in the back of the room. Dylan gets his aces cracked by Matt's royal flush Signs to look for People don't just nap - they get a deep, restorative sleep. It feels like they've slept for hours.
Austin is calculating Π in his head to the 135 decimal place.
Christian and Charliepass notes back and forth debating if it would be possible to tunnel out of the classroom into room 104. Bailey stays in school ALL DAY.
Levi is so moved by the presentation
that he bursts into song.
Adam is so excited by the presentation
that he high fives Hannah and yells,
"This is AWESOME"
Ben demands we extend the study China for another week.
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