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4 youtubers/viners

No description

liisa eskelinen

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of 4 youtubers/viners

Youtubers and viners :)
Connor Franta

- The swimmings club

-hes born december 28th in 1997 in North Carolina so he is 18

Mattew Espinosa
-July 7 in 1997 and he is 17 yeas old


-Columbia, South America

-Swim team, Former football player

-Magcon Tour

-lives in LA, California

-he is officially a viner but he
later bacame a youtuber

Jc caylen
- 22 years old, and he is born september 11, 1992 in Texas

-magcon is a group of viners and youtubers

-they formed a group and went on a tour to reach out to their fans
here is a picture of the
-he is a viner but he
allso does youtube
-he has the most followers
on vine
-he has two brothers
and one sister

-he is allso a part of the
Magcon group

Nash Grier,
Aaron Carpenter
Cameron Dallas
Brent Rivera
Matthew Espinosa
Taylor Caniff
Carter Reynolds
Sam Wilkinson
Shawn Mendes
Hayes Grier
Jacob Whitesides
Jack Johnson
Jack Gilinsky
Chris Collins
Mahogany Lox é a DJ.
- he is born in 1998 and he is 18 years old
- besides beeing in magcon he is also a singer &songwriter
- he`s big debute was with the sigle ''Life of the party''
- he is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
- hes whole name is Shawn Peter Raul Mendes
Shawn Mendez
Nash Grier
Brent Rivera
-he is born january 9th in 1998
so he is 16 years old
-he is from california
- hes mostly on vine but hes on
youtube too
Hayes grier
-hes born june 8th in 2000 in
North Carolina
- he is 14 years old and Nash's
yougest brother
- he first got famous when he
were featured in one Nash's videos
- O2L stands for our 2nd life
- Youtube collab channel
- Everyone posts a new video each, every week to a new theme
- Makes collabvideos witrh other youtubers

- He also lived in the ''O2L house, but moved to his own apartment
- Born september 12, 1992 in Minnesota
- Started he's main channel ''ConnorFranta'' on Agust 21st, 2010
- Was in the o2l collab channel, but figured out that youtube was becoming more a job rahter than fun.
- 22 years old
- He's main channel is titled ''jccaylen''
- He is originally from Texas, but moved to the ''o2l house'' in Los Angeles
- He's real name is Justin Caylen Castillo but he legally changed it to Justin Cloud Caylen
Ricky Dillon
- 22 years old
- Born April 4, 1992
- He's main channel is titled ''RickyDillon''
- He had a channel titled ''RickyDaily''

- A song called Noody
Sam Pottorff
- 19 years old
- Born October 19th, 1995
- From San Clemete, California
- He's main channel is titled ''sampottorf''
Trevor Moran
- 16 years old
- Born September 30, 1998 in Poway, California
- Auditioned for X Factor in 2012 with ''sexy and I know it''
- He has released 3 singles, ''Someone'', ''The Dark Side'' and ''Echo''
Kian Lawley
- 19 years old
- Born September 2, 1995
- He's middle name is Robert
- He lived in Lowa, moved to California
- He's main channel is titled ''superkian13'' and he has another channel titled ''kianlawley''
- He has three siblings
- He has three siblings
Taylor Caniff
- he was born in Indiana
- he is born february 3. in 1996,
he is 18 years old
- he is famous because of vine and
Carter Reynolds
- born May 24. in 1996 in North Carolina
-he is 18 years old
-he was originally part of the group Magcon
but he allso has a high status in sosial media
most famous of hes vine videos
Sam Wilkinson
-born December 19. in 1995
in Nebraska
-hes 18 years old
-hes known for hes many
followers on
instagram and vine

-he was invited as a guest on the
magcon tour and he stayed in the group
Jacob Whitesides
-born november 11. in 1997 in
-hes 16 years old
-hes known as a singer and songwriter
when he was uploading cover songs on youtube
Jack Johnson
-born March 24. in 1996
in Nebraska
- hes 18 years old
-Jack and Jack Gillinsky (allso a Magcon member) has
been friends from they both where little and
they share a whery
famouse vine account

Jack Gillinsky
-born September 10. in 1996 in
-hes 18 years old
- the other part of a vine account with Jack Johnson
Chris Collins
-born April 18 in 1996 in canada
-18 years old
-entertainer and social media celebrity
-allso worked as a buisnessman, musican and actor
Mahogany Lox e a DJ
-she is born October 5. in 1994 in Mishigan
-20 years old
- singer, actor, model and DJ
- sosial madia star on twitter vine and youtube
Brent rivera


picture: mu ipad

Hayes grier


picture: my ipad

Taylor caniff


picture: http://wanelo.com/p/10519214/taylor-caniff-iphone-5-5s-case

Carter raynolds


picture: http://xomrscarterxo.tumblr.com/

Sam wilkinson


picture: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/557461260099940432/

Jacob whitesides


picture: http://jacobwhitesides.com/contact-jacob/

Jack johnson


picture: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/297800594084059174/

Jack gillisky


picture: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/db/aa/27/dbaa2760ca0d91086875ed536505f4f7.jpg

Chris collins


picture: http://websta.me/p/728271293522498773_412315372

Mahogny lox e a DJ


picture :http://www.gettyimages.no/detail/news-photo/singer-mahogany-lox-attends-the-teen-choice-2014-awards-news-photo/453428154
- Three siblings
Ethan Dolan
- 14 years old
- Born December 16, 1999 in New Jersey
- He have a twin brother named Grayson, and Ethan is 20 minutes older than him
- He starded making vines on May 25, 2013 after his sister showed him the vine app.
- Competitive wrestler who competed and won a tournament in Madison Square Garden
Grayson Dolan
- 14 years old
- Born December 16, 1999 in New Jersey
- He has twinbrother named Eathan, and they look the same, and Ethan is 20 minutes older
- Started making vines on May 25, 2013
- He wrestles competitvely alongside his twin
Andrea Russett
- 19 years old
- Born June 27, 1995 in Indiana
- Maked music videos to famous songs
- Worked as a radio DJ
- She founded ''Dollarsforcollars''
- She dated the youtuber Kian Lawley
O2L -
JC Caylen -
Ricky Dillon -
Sam Pottorff-
Trevor Moran-

Kian Lawley-

Connor Franta-

Ethan Dolan-

Grayson Dolan-

Andrea Russett-
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