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Kevin L

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Donor Advised Fund

Involving donors in the use of their gift

Unrestricted Fund
Meeting ever-changing community needs

Field of Interest Fund
Addressing needs in an important area of community life: arts, animals, at-risk youth, etc.

Designated Fund
Directing gifts to a specific nonprofit agency

Scholarship Fund
Benefiting a specific group of students

Supporting Organization
Managing gifts and grants with some similarity to a private foundation
Cumulative grants of more than $21 million


Assets held in cash and cash equivalents or invested in the investment pool

Investment pool managed by an external investment manager, Fund Evaluation Group (FEG)

Investment Committee oversees investment management process and overall investment strategy

Charitable funds may recommend personal investment advisor to manage assets of the fund

Board Fund Policy

Affiliate Fund Policy

Committee Fund Policy

Board Member Funds

Charitable Options

Endowed Funds
For those who want to give today and long into the future
Each year, a percentage of the fund is available to be granted to the nonprofits of the donor’s choice
Our prudent investment strategy ensures the fund will be making an impact today and in perpetuity

Non-Endowed Funds
For those who desire to have the maximum flexibility in the timing of their giving
Donor can make unlimited grants of any amount


Key Facts and Figures
1914: First U.S. community foundation established in Cleveland, Ohio

1967: Blue Grass Community Foundation established with an initial gift from C.W. and Irene Sulier
Success Measure #5d
Success Measure #5b
Goal: Board Engagement and Satisfaction: Gifts to Operating
Fees on funds held or managed

Donations to operations

Grants from other foundations

Fees for service
Primary Sources of Operating Revenue


A unique online resource to inform, empower and enrich charitable giving

A way to connect donors with causes by sharing consistent, validated data on Kentucky nonprofits

A free community resource of Blue Grass Community Foundation

Launched December 1st with 106 complete portraits to date!


Legacy Trail

East End


GoodGiving Guide Challenge
Community Leadership and Engagement

About Us

Lisa Adkins, J.D. President and CEO ladkins@bgcf.org
499 East High Street Suite 112 ● Lexington, KY 40507 ● 859.225.3343 ● www.bgcf.org
Success Measure #6 2012
Goal: Become the go to source for Community Leadership and Engagement.
Success Measure #5e
Goal: Board Engagement and Satisfaction: Gifts and Grants-100%
Success Measure #5c
Success Measure #5a
Goal: Board Engagement and Satisfaction: Meeting Attendance
Success Measure #4 (new)
Goal: $3.5 million in grants 2012. $5.4 million in grants FY2013
Success Measure #2
Goal: Add 48 new funds. 57 new funds FY2013

Success Measure #1

Goal: $10.4 million in new contributions.$15.6 million FY2013

Donor Directed

Competitive Grantmaking


Blue Grass Community Foundation meets the National Standards for operational quality, donor service and accountability in the community foundation sector as established and monitored by the Council on Foundations.
National Standards

Success Measure #3

Goal: New contributions to 60 existing funds. Contributions to 80 existing funds FY2013
“Blue Grass Community Foundation is dedicated to the idea that one person can make a powerful impact…but we also know that we make the greatest impact when we work together.”
—John Hall, Former Chairman of the Board
More than 360 funds
$67 million in assets
300% increase in grants since 2009
Grants made to Community in 2013:
$7.5 Million
Staff of 8.5 employees
2 attorneys, 2 CPAs
Charitable Fund Types
Goal: Board Engagement and Satisfaction: Board Funds
Goal: Board Engagement and Satisfaction: Referrals
Five Year Returns
(through March 31st)
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