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Alberta, Canada

No description

T-sizzle Carlton

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada is in western Canada and is one of Canada's three prairie Providences. It is bounded by the Providences of British Columbia to the west and Saskatchewan to the east.
Human-Environment Interaction
How people get around in Alberta is driving, flying, shipping, just like what we do. Some people take known highways like highway 43, 16 and so much more. The Calgary and Edmonton international airports are the 4th and 5th busiest airports in Canada.
Most of the northern half of the province is boreal forest, with the Rocky Mountains along the southwestern boundary. Canada is also about the same size of North America.
Alberta is fertile province as the southern portion of it's surface . It has chiefly of plains that are almost entirely treeless. Alberta has high latitude. The population is 4.083 million.
Alberta, Canada
by: trinity carlton

One obvious concern is the industrial oil extraction operations, both the construction and operation of them. An other concern is the increasing population and it's destruction of native lands for human habitation.
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