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Land Use

These are pictures of land uses in the GTA.

Saamia Ans

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Land Use

Pictures of land use in the GTA. Land Use Residential Land Use Residential land use is a land use where people have a place to live. Example: houses, apartments etc. Industrial Land Use Industrial land use is a land use that is a working place that helps industries. Example: factories etc. Recreational Land Use Recreational land use is for an entertainment and fun purpose. It is also meant for the community. Example: parks, libraries, sport domes etc. Institutional Land Use Institutional land use is a land use that is government related. Example: schools, city hall, police station etc. Commercial Land Use Commercial land use are places that do with (making) money. Example: stores, bank, billboards etc. Agricultural Land Use Agricultural land use is a land use to grow food. Example: farmland, orchards etc. Transportation Land Use Transportation land use is a land use to do with transportation. It is where to get on or start your journey within your way of transportation. Example: bus stop, subway station etc. A picture of the Greater Toronto Area in a
residential land use. Ford Manufacturing Plant in Oakville. Apple orchards are located in plenty of places across the GTA. FRESHCO. is located in a lot of places in the GTA. The Rogers Centre is one of the main Sport Domes in the GTA which is located near the CN Tower. This is the City Hall of Toronto which is located in the GTA. Sidewalk's are everywhere in the GTA, and the world. They are an important use of transportation. By Saamia A. These are the land uses and some examples from the GTA.
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