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High-Performance Onboarding: A New Model for Excellence

No description

Kyle Lagunas

on 3 July 2014

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Transcript of High-Performance Onboarding: A New Model for Excellence

High-Performance Onboarding: A New Model for Excellence
Administrative onboarding isn't working
Onboarding is a talent acquisition afterthought with completion of compliance tasks the primary objective
Has little to do with the day-to-day of a new employee’s actual job, doesn’t foster collaboration, or drive performance – and does nothing to boost engagement
Onboarding is the first line of employee engagement and alignment
Starting a new job can be turbulent
Employees use their daily experiences to determine their loyalty and motivation to stay with organizations
Whether by design or not, onboarding occurs
What Makes More Effective Onboarding Process?

Solution: Build a New Model
How satisfied are you with your existing onboarding process?
45% Less than Satisfied
26% Not at all satisfied
Collaboration relates to the
in onboarding
Department heads give a presentation of their role and expertise, overview of the products and services they oversee
Deepens new hires’ understanding of the disparate parts of the organization – and where they fit into it all.
Enablement focuses on the What in onboarding, and is tied to learning
Empower learners by providing them with access to resources necessary for ongoing success
Focuses on providing knowledge needed to get started, and connecting them to resources they need to be effective in the long-term
Assimilation deals with the
, and is all about adjustment
New hires struggle to contribute if they can’t navigate the operational and social nuances that exist in a workplace
Provide new hires with clarity on many levels to ensure new employees can avoid making mistakes or stepping on toes
Connection involves the
, and focuses on new hire relationships
Establishing meaningful connections with the people your new employees are working with serves two purposes:
Reinforces a sense of belonging
gives them access to subject matter experts who can guide them through the first months of their tenure
Momentum concerns the
in onboarding
New hire forms and paperwork are completed quickly (and correctly)
Workstations are set up and ready
New hires’ first days are well-organized and orchestrated
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