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All Star Superman

No description

Rean Nowella

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of All Star Superman

All Star Superman
Presentation by:
Mr. cucchi's class of 2013-2014

After two months away, replacement Supermen took over. Their names are Bar-el and Lilo, they are also from Krypton, and are turning Earth into a new Krypton. They bully Superman. While beating him up, they throw him at the moon, accidentally breaking it. The Kryptonian’s leave him in Metropolis while stitching the moon with bridges. Bar-el and Lilo start getting weaker. Their minerals are turning into toxic kryptonite, causing their bodies to shut down. Superman helps them by sending them to the Phantom Zone where they live as ghosts without physical bodies. They thank him and appreciate Superman’s help
Lex Luthor is on trial for his crimes against humanity and he is sentenced to death. Clark Kent goes to the prison to get Luthor’s story on what he’s going to do in his final days. Luthor explains to Kent throughout the “interview” that real humans can do the same thing Superman can do; only they need to work at it. They encounter a raging Parasite who wrecks the prison. Kent is saved by Luthor who singlehandedly defeats the Parasite. Lex gives Kent safe passage through an underground cavern, and is then taken to the surface by Lex’s niece, Nasthalthia.
Superman is returning from letting the baby sun-eater go. Bizarros from the Underverse are attacking Earth. Jimmy Olsen calls Leo Quintum for help and gives Superman the idea to change the angle of the Bizarro World to ensure the sun is reflecting off the oceans. Afterward, Superman realizes that the Bizarro World is sinking into the Underverse. The farther it sinks, the less energy Superman has. He can’t go back to Earth because he is losing his abilities. He asks the Bizarros for help, but they ignore him. Zibarro appears and tells Superman that he can try to help him.
Superman tries to get attention from local Bizarros but Zibarro tells him that it’s no use because they’re idiots. Back on Earth, Quintum and Lois monitor how far Bizarro world is sinking; he then reveals to Lois that Superman’s dying due to Lex Luthor’s machinations. Superman gets help from Bizarros to construct a rocket that will bring him back to Earth. However, Zibarro is disappointed that there’s only space for one: Superman. The rocket’s launched and Superman’s on his way back to Earth. Back on Earth, Quintum tells Lois that Bizarro World has sunk into the Underverse and Superman’s gone.
Dr. Leo Quintum and crew of the spaceship, the Ray Bradbury, are about to fall into the sun. Superman saves them from a human-formed bomb courtesy of Lex Luthor. Luthor’s plan is to finally kill Superman because Lex realized that he was getting older and his nemesis wasn’t. As a result of Superman flying through the sun, his cells were super-charged giving him new powers, but also starting his road towards apoptosis (death). As a precaution, Quintum built photosynthetic drones in case anything did happen to Superman. At the end of the chapter, Superman reveals his secret identity to Lois.
Superman takes Lois Lane to his Fortress of Solitude. While there, Superman shows her his various trophies. She cannot go to his forbidden room. Later on, Superman and Lois have dinner together and Lois questions Superman on why he revealed his Clark Kent persona. She’s upset and mad at him. After dinner, she gets paranoid because of what was in the forbidden room and she shoots Superman with a green kryptonite laser but it doesn't affect him. Superman tells Robot 7 to get maintainance. He tells Lois that she almost spoiled her surprise which was her very own super suit.
Lex was in the electric chair, but when they switched on the electricity, he did not die. He became powerful because he drank a super serum. He burned the authorities and left. Meanwhile, Superman’s robots went to the lab and cleaned the baby sun-eater’s chamber. As Superman sealed the door of the fortress, he and the robots flew to his next labour. Superman pushed Solaris to the Earth and punches his processor out. Nathalthia, talks to Jimmy and states, “This they will be the new day without Superman.” Clark ran into the office to deliver his last article, and dies.
Jor-El and his son Kal-El are on Krypton. The father gives his son a choice: immaterial life or a chance to save Earth again. Superman chooses life and awakens in the ruins of the Daily Planet. After coming to, his friends know it’s Superman in a Clark Kent disguise. Throughout an intense battle, Lex Luther’s powers begin to disappear and he begins to see the reality that Superman has always known. Superman couldn’t stay though, his cells are transforming into pure energy because of Luthor’s machinations. He’s the only one who can keep the sun running or it will die.
Superman’s friend Lois’s birthday is coming up and he doesn’t know what to get her. He gives her super powers but she can only be a super hero for one day. Atlas and Samson are time travelers and they tell superman that he is going to die. The Ultra- Sphinx suddenly appears to Lois, telling her to return what was stolen. Superman replies to Sphinx’s question that Samson and Atlas surrenders, which he approves. Superman, Samson, and Atlas had an arm wrestling match; Superman breaks their arms and wins the match. Superman takes Lois to the moon and kisses her.
Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1 in 1938 and later on appeared on television shows, radios, video games, newspapers, and films. He is also known as the Man of Steel due to his abilities such as superhuman strength, speed, intelligence, invulnerability, flight, and many more. The only way Superman gets these powers is from our beliefs in him to do what he does.

Planet Krypton was in destruction so Superman was rocketed to Earth by his father because he wanted him to live. On the planet Krypton, where he was born, he was given the name Kal-El from his real father Jor-El but when he was sent to Earth he was adopted by Martha and Jonathan Kent and he was given the name Clark Kent which he uses to disguise his identity as Superman.
Clark Kent
Lois Lane
Jonathan and Martha Kent
Jimmy Olsen
Lex Luthor
Nasthalthia Luthor
Leo Quintum
Perry White
Steve Lombard
Lana Lang
Lara Lor-Van
Kal Kent
Superman was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster in 1933; the character was sold to Detective Comics, Inc. (later DC Comics) in 1938. With the success of his adventures, Superman helped to create the superhero genre and establish its dominance in American comic books. Superman is also part of "the Justice League of America" or "JLA". It is a fictional superhero team that appears in comic books published by DC Comics.

Superman's appearance is distinctive and iconic. He usually wears a blue costume, red cape, red underwear on the outside and stylized red-and-yellow "S" shield on his chest. This shield is used countless times in the media to symbolize the character.
Clark finally tells Lois about his secret identity but he has been dishonest with Lois for years. She is upset because if he was lying then, how does she know he is not lying now?

When Clark tells Lois about his identity, she doesn’t believe him and I think she doesn’t believe him because for all of those years that they’ve been together, he was just clumsy Clark Kent. The act of being Clark and Superman was so good she cannot believe they are the same person.
True Love:
When Atlas and Samson saw Lois they wanted her just for themselves. Atlas and Samsun followed Lois every where she went which meant they loved her. Super man tried to protect Lois from them, by having an arm wrestling fight. Then Superman and Lois kissed on the moon.

Betrayal is developed throughout the story when Samson and Atlas said he borrowed the radioactive crown jewels from the Ultra-Sphinx. When the Ultra-Sphinx appeared to Lois, he told her to return what was stolen. Superman asked if Samson and Atlas stole the necklace, they surrendered.
Lex Luthor is always saying real humans needing to work on things, while Superman is just given all this power. Lex is jealous that Superman is strong and has powers without needing to do anything and Lex is always trying to work out to try and compare to Superman. Lex also likes Clark because he is the opposite of Superman and Lex doesn't have to be jealous of Clark.

Lex states in the beginning of the chapter “Superman made me do it. He should be the one on trial.” Lex believes that he’s doing a service by trying to show the world that Superman is not perfect or invincible by trying to kill him. Since Lex is the one being put on trial he wants to get revenge on Superman for being made the good guy all the time, and Lex as the bad guy.
Man Versus Self:
Some humans, and Superman, meet their Bizarro equivalents. The Bizarros are the opposite, or bad versions of themselves. This relates to a literal version of man versus self. The people are trying to face their Bizarros and prevent themselves from turning into Bizarros as well. It’s a metaphor for a person facing their bad parts, and attempting to refrain from becoming a bad person. Superman faces his Bizarro version, which has some opposite powers (e.g. instead of heat rays, Bizarro Superman has freeze rays) and opposite intentions (puts child in danger instead of saving him).

Change of Roles:
Jimmy Olsen is lower in the working hierarchy than most of his peers present during the party. At first, his advice is ignored to escape from the Bizarros, especially by Perry White, his boss. He is crucial in helping his coworkers escape from the Bizarros by leading them to an airballoon. He also offers ideas to Superman, which he uses to defeat the Bizarros on Earth.
When Superman returned after being stuck in Bizarro World for two months, there wasn’t a hero to protect the world. When Superman returned, they taunted him, made fun of him, beat him up, mocked him, and judged his decisions, such as keeping Earth’s lifestyle the way it is, unlike his replacements who want to turn Earth into the next Krypton. Still, even after all of that, Superman helped them have a peaceful, happy death.
In the beginning of the chapter, Superman cleans up his old sun eater’s gravity stable in his fortress, and as he cleans, he remembers the sun eater. Also, as Superman walks with Robot 7, he remembers the adventures he has been through with Batman and the friends he has made such as Pete, Lana, and Jimmy.

The Ending:
Clark Kent passes out in the Daily Planet, his cells are breaking down faster, and he completed his 8th and final challenge which means the end is soon.

Lex Luthor wanted to get revenge on Superman, so he got the Solaris because he knew Superman would lose his powers, and Luthor would attack superman with a little extra insurance.

Before they head off to space, Superman said that he couldn’t ask for a greater loyalty because the robots were sacrificing themselves for him.

The robots sacrifice themselves to help Superman, the sun-eater sacrifices itself to weaken Solaris, and Superman sacrifices himself to save the world.
Years ago, Jonathan and Martha Kent hire three unique men to help with the harvest. As a young Superman, Clark discovers they are part of the Superman Squad: Kal Kent, the Unknown Superman of 4500 and Kylzyzk Klzntplkz. Their mission is to stop the Chronovore; a villain that devours time. Superman insists on helping them but it costs him dearly. The beast eats three precious minutes and Jonathan dies. The real mission was to allow our Superman, disguised as the Unknown, more time with his father. The Leader of the Superman Squad appears and plants a flower in Jonathan’s honour.
Superman sacrifices his time on Earth to save humankind. He goes to the Sun because he is the only one that can keep it running or else it would die.

Superman shows dedication to his tasks of saving the world.

Despite the difficulty, Superman gets rid of his main distraction (Lex Luthor) by knocking him out and continues to save the world.
With Luthor put behind bars, it seems as if there are no more worries for Superman. But this disguises Luthor's soon to be greatest accomplishment... the death of Superman. Hope is also shown when Dr. Quintum mentions that he is finding out a way to stop Superman from dying, but if not, find a way to replace him.

Lex Luthor is tired of Superman’s existence and is coming to realization that he is getting older and Superman isn’t. The only way that Lex can die happily would be if Superman were to die too. He has come up with a plan that seems to be very successful; over powering radiation in Superman’s body that he cannot handle. Lex believes that Superman is sure to die.

Since Superman knows that he is going to die soon, he wants to spend as much time with Lois as he can before he does. So that Superman doesn’t have to hide anymore, he reveals that Superman is also Clark Kent.

Pete Ross
The Unknown Superman of A.d. 4500
Kylzyzk Kylzntplkz
Superman’s slowly dying so he’s writing what happened throughout his day. He knows that his time to live is getting shorter. In this chapter, Superman had many problems and preoccupation that he is trying to fix before it becomes too late. Superman gave a trip for kids in a hospital and flew them through Egypt, created a small world without him to see if they could survive in a world without him, saved a train from crashing, and rescued Regan; a suicidal girl from jumping and he met one of Regan’s greatest Grandsons over an advanced device from the future.
Superman and Zibarro have a kindred spirit for each other. Superman could have been Zibarro and Zibarro could have been Superman. They are both the one in five-billion people on each of their planets, which means they are different from everyone else (ironically, most of Earth appreciates Superman, while Bizarro World despises Zibarro). A big difference between both of them is that Zibarro has given up on helping his world because he just can’t deal with their stupidity anymore, but Superman still relies on their help, because it is all he has. Despite their lack of help, Superman believes in the Bizarros enough to get him off their planet--something Zibarro never could achieve.
Superman is Clark Kent's alter ego. Superman was born in the planet Krypton, his parents are Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van. He was rocketed to Earth by his father Jor-El before Krypton's destruction. His abilities include superhuman strength, speed, hearing, stamina, intelligence, invulnerability, freezing breath, ability to shoot lazers out of his eyes and a fast healing factor. He uses these abilities for the benefit of humanity.
Clark Kent is Superman's secret identity. He was raised in Smalville in Kansas. Clark works as a reporter for The Daily Planet.
Lana is Clark's childhood friend from Smallville. She is aware that Clark and Superman are one. It says she marries Clark and "saves" the universe.
Pete was the childhood best friend of Clark Kent in Smallville. He knows about Clark actually being Superman, he kept his knowledge of the Superman's secret identity to himself, not even telling Clark, but eventually told him.
Jonathan and Martha Kent are Clark's adoptive parents. They are a kindly couple from Kansas, they were the one's that adopted Clark when they found him on their farm.
Also known as Superdog, Krpto is Superm's dog. His powers include; Super strength, speed, durability, flight, x-ray vision, Super-breath and lung capacity (including freeze breath) expelled through bark and more.
Steve Lombard is the sports editor of the Daily Planet. He used to always pick on Clark but in the end he apologizes for all that he's done to him.
Perry White is the Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet. He is an archetype image of a tough, quickly-tempered, impatient boss. Although he is tough, quickly-tempered and impatient he is fair minded. He's given Clark many chances.
Jimmy is a reporter-photographer who works for the Daily Planet. He is close friends with Lois Lane, Clark Kent/Superman, and Perry White. He has access to the Man of Steel because he was given a “signal watch” from Superman.
He is the head scientist working with P.R.O.J.E.C.T- a scientific laboratory performing genetic testing. During Superman's "last months of life" he worked close with Quintum who became his scientific adviser.
Leo Quintum's assistant. Dr. Quintum says that she is one of the “sensitives—genetically attuned to all life.” She can read DNA.
Lois Lane is an award winning reporter for the Daily Planet. Lois is Superman's love interest. Superman revealed his true identity to her which she did not believe. Superman gave her a superhero costume made with his own DNA. This costume gave her super powers for 24 hours and became "Superwoman".
Nasthalthia is Lex Luthor's favourite niece. She was once a friend of Lois and she's also one of the few to know that Supergirl/ Superwoman are the same.
Jor-El is Superman's biological father and husband of Lara. He was the leading scientist before Krypton's destruction. He rocketed Superman to Earth before Krypton's destruction.
Lara Lor-Van is Superman's biological mother and wife of Jor-El.
Zibarro is from Bizarro World, the planet where everything is the opposite of Earth. He is the most human-like out of all the Bizarros. Superman would be like Zibarro if he had landed in Bizarro World instead of Earth as a baby. Zibarro is considered to be a malfunction in the Bizarro World.
Bizarros are people whose world is full of darkness just because they can’t survive in the day, everything there is the opposite of Earth. They speak the opposite way humans do, example “Me no go there” means “I go there.” Their skin looks grey and streaked giving them a crumpled chalk or ash appearance.
He is the Superman of the 5th dimension.
Kal Kent is the Superman of the 853rd century. He is part of the group of time-traveling Supeman Squad members against the time-eating Chronovore in Smallville the day Jonathan Kent dies of a heart attack. Other than his default Kryptonian powers, his new abilities that have been evolved in the future are; force vision, telepathy, extrasensory perception, electrokinesis, Kyryptonite immunity and Red Sun immunity.
Also part of the Superman Squad. He had disguised his face with bandages to conceal his identity from his younger self. He is our Superman and had used the opportunity to see and spend one last time with his father, Jonathan Kent.
Superman Prime, as he is now known, survives in the sun for over eighty-five thousand years in self-imposed exile. He rebuilds a new Fortress of Solitude within it. Solaris attempts to kill him again with a kryptonite bomb, however, it is actually a Green Lantern ring in disguise. Using it, Superman crushes the tyrant-sun once and for all. The Man of Steel then regenerates his lost love Lois Lane, with super-powers, and terra forms a planet into a new Krypton. He is celebrated as the universe’s greatest champion and he continues the good fight as leader of the Superman Squad.
Lilo was an astronaut sent from Krypton for many years, but was lost. Lilo and his husband Bar-El arrive in Metropolis after the Bizzaro Invasion.
Bar-El was an astronaut from Krypton and was also lost for many years with his wife, Lilo. When he and his wife went to Metropolis they wanted to start a new Krypoton by removing all the humans, which they called "apes".

Jimmy Olsen is granted leadership control of Leo Quintum’s P.R.O.J.E.C.T. Trouble occurs during an exploration into the Underverse. A piece of Black Kryptonite is discovered and it affects Superman by making him act opposite of himself: harming humans and becoming less confident. Superman travels back to Earth and rampages like a bully. Olsen has anti-Superman options to activate, and he decides to use the Doomsday device to turn himself into a being capable of defeating his friend. For saving Metropolis, Jimmy gets free movie tickets and Superman’s thanks. Afterwards, Lucy, his girlfriend, congratulates Jimmy for his message on the moon.

Solaris is the evil, artificial Sun from the future and is the ally of Lex Luthor. It tampered with the original sun to weaken Superman since Lex knew that Superman's weakness was red sunlight.
Everything Happens for a Reason:
Superman went back in time to when he was 18 when his father died. He went with two of his descendants, Kal Kent and Kylzyzk Klzntplkz, but he had to keep himself wrapped in a bandage. When the Cronovore destroys everything in sight Superman tries to help, but in that time he tried to help them, his father had a heart attack. He couldn’t get there in time and Jonathan Kent died. If Superman didn’t wear the bandages to hide from his younger self then things might have not turned out the same. If his father didn’t die then the Supermen descendants would not have existed.
The Parasite (Raymond Maxwell Jensen)
He was a Plant worker for a research center and he had an accident with a lot of biohazard material which Superman collected from space. Because of this accident, he has the ability to absorb energy, superpowers, and intelligence through physical contact, and he doesn’t look human anymore. When he gains more energy he gets bigger.
Ultra-Sphinx – is a God-like figure from the 80th century B.C. and was active during the first Dynasty of Atom- Hotep.
When Samson and Atlas stole the Radioactive Crown Jewels of Atom- Hotep, the Ultra Sphinx pursued them across time.
A Titan of Astronomy and navigation.
Samson was a time-traveling strongman who traveled the universe, and getting into many adventures with his friend, Atlas. When Krull launched an attack on Metropolis, Samson and Atlas defeated him.
*All images taken from Google Images and All Star Superman comic.

The Opposite World:
The Underverse and the Phantom Zone are more illustrated compared to previous chapters. The opposite attitude that Superman represented also represents that some parts of the comic represent the two sides in a situation.

sweet dreams, superwoman...
the superman/olsen war
Superman has many problems to solve and doesn’t have much time left.

Superman helps people with their problems and assures them that things will get better.

Superman assures and makes you believe that there will be a better tomorrow.
the gospel according to lex luthor
funeral in smallville
being bizarro
us do opposite
curse of the replacement superman
red sun day
superman in excelsis
Lex Luthor is your average antagonist. He feels threatened by Superman, and hates that everyone loves him. On one hand we should be rooting for Lex, he is the best a human can get, strong, and intelligent. When Lex uses these "powers" he can achieve more things than we could. Over the course of the story, Lex tries many devious plans to sabotage Superman. Lex "wins" by sending Superman to save the sun for thousands of years after Solaris poisoned it. Lex is very jealous of Superman. He does whatever is necessary to get what he wants. Lex realises that Superman is right. It isn't about him, and we should help one another. The real Lex Luthor took 12 issues to come out. He finally knows he has to be a good person, and he is wrong. I hope Lex finds a way to start over because after all his rage, he knows he was wrong.
Superman Robots
These robots help Superman with his identity. Before, these robots were just dummies and later on, they learned how to be moving-speaking robots that could imitate Superman's powers.
Cat Grant
Sun Eater-A weapon created to destroy stars (suns are stars), which can end life, specifically in the solar system.
Cat Grant is a gossip columnist for the Daily Planet newspaper.
Blue arrows-
The Daily Planet workers

Red arrows-
Green arrows-
Loved ones (friends, family, love interest)

Gray arrows-
Dark gray arrows-
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